Essays on International Human Resource Management Coursework

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The paper "International Human Resource Management " is an outstanding example of human resources coursework.   International Human Resource Management (IHRM) is the total input human has to put in any organization or in any production process. IHRM deals with the management of employees in international institutions. This may be in terms of knowledge, workforce, talents and skills just but to mention a few. When all these are combined, then there is likely to be a smooth running of the organization. It is also concerned with accomplishing the company`s goals through a combined effort.

Companies have to manage their operations with the prevailing international environments. International human resource management enables full individual development and desirable working relationships. This essay examines the issues and problems surrounding international human resource management. Challenges facing international human resource management on prevailing cultures Culture greatly affects the style of management. This is especially where communication is concerned. Different people speak different languages and thus when these cultures come together, communication may become a challenge. Workers may not be able to speak due to the language barrier. Hence, a human resource manager is supposed to see to it that these people are able to communicate otherwise crippling the activities of the organization.

This is because nothing is better than face to face communication (Todnem & Macleod 2012). Even the very sophisticated technology mediums cannot beat it. These mediums may not be possible especially in international organizations. When the staff is from different corners of the globe, it may pose some difficulty to get a manager who can deal with all these people. This is because it is hard to find a person who can manage such a wide range of international operations (Nickson 2012).

It is also difficult to retain staff of high caliber and to be able to put up with the competitive evolving world market. To some managers, it is hard to be fair and equal to all employees. This is because one may be biased towards a certain tribe or race. This may make some staff to lose the morale of working. This gets worse when the employee is torn apart among workers of the company, host country citizens and the mother country nationals.

It is therefore important that human resource managers are careful during their work to prevent such mishaps. Due to the diversification, people from various cultures are brought together by a common purpose of working for an international company. These people have different backgrounds, religions and more so, cultures (Nickson 2012). It becomes a great challenge for a human resource manager to be able to deal with a combination of these people. It requires a person who is fair enough to deal with this very sensitive situation. It is quite important that all human resource managers decide to make the right choices concerning the management of the employees as labor is a basic factor of production. Challenges facing international human resource management due to changes in economic, technological and legal environmental factors Every business longs to increase its profit margin.

So does every country. When the economic situation of a country improves, the number of job opportunities increases. This causes the country to import labor which is relatively cheaper. On the other hand, when the economy of a country deteriorates, the country does not need labor so it does not hire labor.

The people who were working at the time are no longer needed (Nickson 2012). This may pose a great challenge to the human resource manager as he or she may wonder what to do with the deficit labor. If they were fired, it would bring about some public attention. In case not, the company is to lose. This may get very complicated and it takes the human resource manager a lot of courage to take the bold and correct step.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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