Essays on International Human Resource Management - Employers Confederation of the Philippines Case Study

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The paper 'International Human Resource Management - Employers’ Confederation of the Philippines " is a good example of a management case study. Employers’ Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) is mandated to work across with employers, organization bodies and the government in articulating, implementing and evaluating policies that are related to socio-economic and labor issues. Its objective is set to unify the organization and employers to enhance interests related to labor management, socio-economic policy, promote industrial harmony, national growth and social justice. With increased membership, they are able to cope up with the challenges of globalization, labor issues and address the socio-economic policies.

Generally, ECOP offers various services to its members related to benefits, workplaces, information, representation, policy advocacy, training, advice, conferences and corporate social responsibilities. Currently, it has extended its influence from industrial relations to gender development, family welfare, population planning, environment, substance abuse and members initiative programs for work-family balance and responsibilities. In the Philippines, the nature of family involves an extended family system, which lessens work-family issues; though do not completely end the differences. Mainly, differences revolve around gender, age, and financial problems variables.

Women are still stuck in traditional domestic roles which translate into absenteeism, low concentration and productivity, frequent leave days and long working hours, in addition to the refusal by some women to work overtime, in faraway places or during holidays. Women are concerned about how well maids look after their children. In extreme cases, women may be forced to quit their careers. Men on the other hand are still regarded as breadwinners but do not necessarily face intense work-family challenges as women. However, men are likely to lose their self-esteem should their wives be earning more than they do, which results to more issues for women.

As regard age, the division of labour at home is increasingly evident in young couples.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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