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The paper 'International Human Resource Management" is a good example of a human resources essay. CSR and IHRM are two key concepts in corporate law and corporate society that have a heightened level of intermarriage (Elaine et al nd, 1). Some CSR activities have an impact on international human resource management and IHRM practices have some impacts on corporate social responsibility (Katz 1978, 4). The relationship between the two concepts has been a subject of discussion amongst many scholars in the world today. The key factor in these discussions has been to try to establish the relationship between CSR and IHRM.

This paper considers this and tries to establish how the CSR practices affect HRM on an international scale and how the IHRM practices relate to CSR. It will be observed that the connection between the two is indeed huge and sometimes it becomes hard to distinguish between the two in a certain environment. A conflict arises when companies try to establish their IHRM practices without affecting the CSR (Shen 2011, 1352). To enable a more comprehensive analysis of this case, a special level of importance will be based on the analysis of Shen (2011) article, Developing the concept of socially responsible international human resource management. Society expects the companies to act in such a way that increases their responsibility on a social scale.

The company has a responsibility to expand its HRM practices in such a way that meets the vision and mission of the company and at the same time resolving the possible conflict that may arise between the IHRM and CSR. Individual corporations need to devise a plan that offers a concrete balance between CSR and enterprise profits.

The paper looks at the various practices conducted in this scale and follows to establish the connection that may arise in this category and how collisions between the two are resolved in an amicable manner for the benefit of both parties.   Corporate Social Responsibility defined Corporate social responsibility is a concept that shows how the actions of a certain organization effect society and the environment (Shen 2011, 1352).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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