Essays on International Human Resources Management ( Organization Behaviour) Essay

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International human resources managementHuman resource management is defined by organizational activities undertaken in effectively utilizing its human resource facilities in order to increase the firms’ production level. Some of the activities of this department include staffing, development and training, labour relations, human resource planning, performance management, benefits and compensation. International human resource management refers to the interplay of dimensions relating to human resource activities, country of operation, and types of employees. The existing difference between domestic and international HRM is that one deals with only one country boundary while the other is linked to multiple country boundaries across the globe respectively.

Many failures experienced by international organizations in their operations arena are their poor management of human resources. International HRM should give focus to workforce diversification in order to promote its activities and thus, be able to benefit from the operations being undertaken by the organization. Management of diversification is easily achieved through the establishment of various modifications in their departments. In its quest to employ employees from different national categories and operating in different countries, international HRM will be forced to put into consideration many factors to be able to promote co-operation from the target environment.

Through this, they will attract more customers including potential customers. It is advisable for human resource management of international organizations to incorporate the culture, values, beliefs and attitudes of the people of that particular country. They should be able to discourage discrimination activities in order to attract and promote their activities across the country and globe. International organizations will be able to succeed if only they recruit and select qualified employees and members of the executive board.

This will enable them manage and distribute available resources in a just and fair manner in order to achieve organizational success in their daily operations. Lance and Mary decided to use values and organizational and managerial systems appropriate for the Brazilian operations because they knew it would attract customers. Their move aimed at increasing productivity and profits in the organization which it managed to achieve. Organizational behavior (OB) is a term that has been related to the study of individuals and group dynamics in an organization, plus the nature of that organization.

The behavior of the organization should ensure that it bears in mind the concerns and ideas of the population and target market. OB is a subject that is gaining popularity because people are becoming diverse in relation to their backgrounds and cultural values since they have to effectively and efficiently work together in meeting organizational goals and objectives (Ashraf, p. 155). NYC, Lance and Mary were able to consider the organizational behavior when it came to operating in Brazil so as to develop competencies in foreseeing how the workers are likely to behave with each other.

The nature and dimension of national culture is an important factor to be considered when choosing the country of operation. Organization behavior of new corporations should aim to meet the needs and demands of the market segment in order to expand their operations. Objectivity, replicability, and sustainability are some of the factors considered when selecting national culture (Ashraf, p. 156).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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