Essays on International Marketing: McDonalds Case Study

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The paper "International Marketing: McDonald’ s" is a good example of a marketing case study.   The case study presents information on challenges or problems associated with international marketing. McDonald’ s continuously expand across the world and has to engage with different governments. The different stakeholders including customers present different views when it comes to the products such as obesity. Some governments have created and implemented, and others have proposed legislation to address obesity issues, which are associated with fast food consumption. McDonald’ s image is associated with Joe Camel and cigarette ads, which is a negative image.

The company also has to address the government decision to ban, include health messages on ads, and even pay 1.5 per cent tax. These problems affect the entire business operations, and McDonald’ s has to implement strategies to counter the negative publicity and also to adhere to the government and other institutional directives. How should McDonald’ s respond when ads promoting healthy lifestyles featuring Ronald McDonald are equated with Joe Camel and cigarette ads? Should McDonald’ s eliminate Ronald McDonald in its ads? The characters should be discussed differently. McDonald’ s has to inform the audiences about the difference between Ronald McDonald and the Joe Camel advertisement.

Food and cigarettes are not the same and highlighting this requirement are important. It is also prudent to inform the importance of Ronald McDonald in advertising for a healthy lifestyle because it was used in advertising for other McDonald’ s products. Highlighting the connection of Ronald McDonald in the ads is crucial in distinguishing from the Joe Camel instance. The aim of the ad should also be highlighted. Cigarettes cause cancer even if taken in moderation but obesity can be avoided easily if the customers control their respective appetites.

Cigarettes do not have alternatives, but McDonald’ s has different product offerings, which are healthy. Presentation of these differences is important in informing the public on the use of Ronald McDonald and the effectiveness of the entire process. McDonald’ s should not eliminate Ronald McDonald because it is the symbol of the company. If the character is banned, chances increases in which sales will be affected because consumers associated the character with McDonald’ s. It will also affect the perception of the customers on the brand.

Therefore, McDonald’ s should employ more healthy elements to create ads with more meaningful messages rather than replacing the entire figure of advertisement. The focus should be on the products and services offered by highlighting the healthiness of the products. Thus, in the entire process, Ronald McDonald plays an integral role and hence should not be eliminated but create messages and products that relate to healthiness. Discuss the merits of the law proposed by France that would require fast-food companies either to add a health message to commercials or pay a 1.5 per cent tax on their ad budgets.

Propose a strategy for McDonald’ to pay the tax or add health messages and defend your recommendation The following are some of the advantages of the proposed legislation: The government is tasked with creating and implementing different legislations in advancing the requirements of its citizens. Therefore, the proposed legislation is aimed at controlling the standards of fast food industry contributing to effective management and quality assurance. In addition, the penalty applied to the fast-food if the enterprises do not include a message would contribute to government revenues. The legislation is crucial because it allowed enterprises to have alternatives in making decisions.

For instance, enterprises are required to choose either to add health messages or pay the fines. An enterprise will then review the significance of the legislation and determine, which one is appropriate based on internal strategic requirements. The enterprises such as McDonald’ s would utilize the legislation to measure the quality and standards of health of their products. It ensures the requirements and needs of the customers through the legislations are integrated into the business operations The customers will benefit because the creation of awareness and associated penalties may influence their eating decisions.

It means that the message on the ads becomes a form of deterrence or making informed decisions when it comes to the consumption of fast food.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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