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International Management International Management Three cultural missteps that Wally Astor and his father in law, Henry Williams, made in this scenario The first misstep is evident when William cancels the trip in order to avail himself to a pending court case that Wally refers to it as very important without even informing Silva and Agosto. Meanwhile, he William allowed Wally to go on his behalf since he had the eagerness to familiarize himself with the new working environment which was a bit different from the previous car business.

Conversely, Mr. Silva is very cautious and insists on having Mr. Henry at bay. In addition, he insist on knowing them well referring to what they call in Brazil as Cafezinho, a very strong expresso which enhances a good flow of conversation. Secondly, President William forgot to tell his vice to dress formally irrespective of the prevailing season in Brazil. Being a season of summer in Brazil, Mr.

Wally opted to dress informally. For instance, he wore faded blue jeans, checked shirt and sneakers. Conversely, their business partners were in formal cloths which are evident by Mr. Silva and Agosto dressing formally in suits and ties when conducting business. This caught the two Brazilians by surprise thus showing that Mr. Wally mode of dressing fell below their expectations. This is an instance of cultural misstep since there is a contradiction in their modes of dressing. Thirdly, it is evident that when Mr. Silva insist that they should have their dinner at 9.00 o’clock, this caught Wally by surprise and in his call to his father in law, he told him of his dissatisfaction in the time they took their dinner.

In addition, Wally preferred to first go to the office and get right to the actual transaction. This shows a cultural gap between the Brazilians and Americans in use of time and space (Holt & Karen, 2002). Americans do one thing at a time. This is evidenced in one instance where Mr. William cancelled his trip to attend a pending court case.

Conversely, Brazilians can do many things in an instance evidenced by an instance where Mr. Silva insist that before transacting any business, they should first start with cafenihzo, a very strong expresso. This is done in order to build relationship as opposed to the Americans who do one thing at a time. What to tell the Americans about Brazilian culture. It is very important to familiarize yourself with partners before transacting any business. For instance, in his reference, Wally referred to Mr. Silva as very stiff person. Mr.

Silva in this case does not give Wally confidence since he insists in familiarizing with each other. Furthermore, Mr. Silva insists that before transacting any business, they should first start with cafenihzo, a very strong expresso. In the next hour, Wally is seen to be talking freely with both Ventura and Silva about his family life, his past, his children, his parents and many other topics which could not find their way in the US business discussions. Furthermore, Mr. Agosto and Silva shared some of their humorous stories, their pastime, sports, and vacation area.

This goes on and after the meals; they began talking business matters for the first time. In addition Mr. Wally is invited to see their facility for the first time and also to meet Purchasing and Quality Assurance Manager. This study shows that for any business man having an opportunity to transact business in Brazil, it is very important to first familiarize with the partners for the success of the whole process (Leroux, 2009). What to tell Brazilians about American business culture to prepare them for success.

For any business success, Brazilians should be mindful of their counterparts’ feelings. In one instance, Mr. Silva is not mindful when he called Wally as Astor. Mr. Wally prefers the first name Wally which he tells Mr. Silva to call him Wall. This does not auger well since he opt calling him Astor. These further shows a level of rudeness and thus business men should be mindful about their language. Americans are more personal than Brazilians.

In one instance, Mr. Silva insist that Wally to sit across the table from him. Conversely, Agosto and Silva sits together facing Mr. Wally which shows that they are more touching. In addition, Americans love personal space as compared to the Brazilians. There is one instance where Silva comes so close to Wally to a point of Wally making one step backward. Despite him taking a step backward, Mr. Silva still takes a step towards him making him very uncomfortable (Holt & Karen, 2002). References Holt, D., & Karen, W.

(2002). International Management. Fort Worth: Harcourt College. Leroux, F. (2009). Crise économique Et Management International. Management International 13(2), 107.

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