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International Management - Integrative Term Project Table of Contents Operations and Size 3 Country and Rational 4 Entry Strategy and Reasons 5 Bibliography 6 Operations and Size The restaurant is expected to serve different market segments. It will have a perfect blend of family atmosphere as well as formal ambience. The restaurant will cater to both the dinner as well as lunch orders from the customers with special emphasis on Mediterranean food. Also, it will have bar with it. The management of the restaurant has plans to bring in few of the experienced officials from the United States set up in order to have efficient operational and supply chain management.

Also, the experienced officials of the brand can set the organizational culture and select the right kind of human resource with the apt traits. At the outset, according to the plans, the restaurant would basically have three outlets in the cities where the rate of obesity is higher as it primarily deals with healthy foods. London and Dublin has already been zeroed upon and the third outlet can be anywhere in between Manchester, Liverpool or Southampton.

At the initial stage, the restaurants would have the capacity to cater sixty individuals at a time. Also, it would have the provision of corporate bookings and advanced reservations of tables. Country and Rational There have been quite a few countries into contention in which the restaurant could have been opened but the management decided to launch it in the market of United Kingdom. The basic reason for such a strategic decision by the management has been the tremendous health consciousness of the people of United Kingdom.

Also, the recent trends have suggested that the country has become aware about the health hazards like that of obesity. The most important fact has been that though the country men of the United Kingdom is aware of the side – effects of the restaurant food that are available in the country but then the people were not left with much of the alternatives as there are no significant players in the domain of health food. So, the management thought of selecting United Kingdom as the place of initial international operations outside the United Sates.

The other important consideration has been that a considerable portion of the populace of United Kingdom has linkages with Mediterranean nations especially that of students and business persons. Entry Strategy and Reasons The success of any business organization bestows upon the fact that how well the organization can manage its portfolio and diversify its risk. Also, expansions are always on the cards for a business firm. As the entry strategy, the restaurant can think of having collaboration with few of the local organizations. The collaboration with local and UK – based organization might promote the restaurant as the official venue for corporate refreshments.

It can position itself as the hang - out for the health conscious citizens. The restaurant should have a thorough market research in order to devise an apt strategy for itself. Bibliography California State University. “Foreign Market Entry and International Production”. June 14, 2010. Foreign Market Entry. No Date. < http: //www. sbe. csuhayward. edu/~lkahane/MHC/chap9.pdf> James Madison University, “Global Strategy”. June 14, 2010. Why Global? 2005. Johnson, J., “Business Plan for Finale Sports Bar & Grille”, June 14, 2010. Grand Valley state University.


Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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