Essays on Market Entry Report for Haier, a Chinese Company Case Study

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The paper "Market Entry Report for Haier, a Chinese Company " is a good example of a marketing case study.   This report focuses on the world’ s 4th largest white goods manufacturing company “ Haier” founded in 1984 with its headquarters situated in Qingdao, PRC and manufacturing home appliances in over 15000 varieties under 96 categories. The report highlights the goals, objectives and aims of the company along with past performance. The report then highlights the product performance, targeted market and needs which the products satisfy along with available resources which the company possess to go overseas.

Comparative country analysis and product market attractiveness are discussed in details which includes PEST analysis, market size, growth rate, market segmentation, phase in which the product lies in the product life cycle, sources of foreign suppliers of goods and distribution channel within the product market. The report then moves to provide an understanding of the competitor’ s analysis and buyer analysis to provide a deeper understanding of the environmental and practical factors affecting the business of Haier. Major opportunities for selecting the desired market has been discussed along with the focus on new entry strategies or modes to ensure the effectiveness of the business and ensure higher returns and profits in future. 2.0 COMPANY AND PRODUCT BACKGROUND This provides an understanding of Haier’ s business and product performance from a domestic perspective.

The same have been discussed as under. 2.1 GOALS, OBJECTIVES AND CORPORATE STRATEGIES Haier major aim is to create value for its customers by following a pioneer and innovative strategy. Its mission is to become a leader in the industry as well as the user’ s first choice when it comes to products and services offered by the company.

It aims to provide the first competitive solution to all its product-related problems to deliver a higher customer service relation and ensure maximum customer satisfaction (Haier Co. Ltd, 2008). Customer satisfaction plays an important role in all strategies developed by Haier as the company believes its core value of users are always right and tries to constantly improve itself to delivers the best possible services to its customers. Haier success depends on its three key strategies which are developing a domestic quality reputation by the help of Total Quality Management system for its products, huge diversification in its existing product lines and aims to go global via international expansions.

These strategies are definitely directed towards gaining larger market share and higher returns with the sustainable development of the company in future years to come. 2.2 HAIER’ S PERFORMANCE IN LAST FEW YEARS Regardless of the fact of a downturn in the world home appliances market, Haier has been performing well to maintain its higher profits and returns. Revenue has increased on an average rate of 9% in the last few years and the company has been ranked first for its water heaters in the domestic market.

Haier has been doing well to gain 31.2% of the total market share of the Chinese household appliances market. In terms of single-brand sales volume, Haier’ s washing machines are still ranked first in the world market for a consecutive four years. Its capability to serve customers has increased significantly with more than 9000 sales points at the domestic level and over 1500 sales points worldwide. The company has been doing well to use the latest technology in its products and using online shopping sites to increase sales and widen its market base (Haier Co.

Ltd, 2008).


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