Essays on Marketing Success of International Businesses Essay

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The paper "Marketing Success of International Businesses" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. International marketing is generally the marketing principles apply to more than a single country for any business operating globally. The term resembles global marketing since the two are interchangeable. For any international business, this kind of marketing is necessary since it is what pushes the operations of the business through and help increase its sales in international markets. However, there are different strategies in diverse types of international businesses especially in the way they strategize on their marketing.

This is because there are respective factors, which dictate the type of marketing each business is to adopt for its success in the global market. This paper critically evaluates the main factors that affect the marketing success of international business in 2010. It is appropriate to note that 2010 is a year experiencing significant changes in all sectors of business. It is, therefore, marked as a year of a renaissance in the marketing world where different strategies are coming in since their development and introduction at the beginning of the 21st century.

Therefore, it is apparent that there are valuable factors of consideration in the international business form of marketing, which they adopt in the international arena. Every business global or domestic ideally has factors both internal and external existing, which eventually have an appreciable effect on the business’ s operations. Some of these internal and external factors are controllable, but a larger portion of the same is uncontrollable and still, yet they influence the company in different ways (John 2010, 678-889). These specific external and internal factors make up the entire marketing environment in which a business has environmental factors influencing the business’ s marketing decisions.

The factors can be grouped into five main environmental factors affecting international business in its marketing including technological, social, economic, competitive, and regulatory. Social factors are in the definition, the demographic characteristics of the international population as well as its value. Some of the demographic characteristics include consumers’ buying patterns, gender differences, attitudes, culture, and diversity. Customers are essential to what the social factors are all about in the field of marketing (Tomas 2010, 672-876).

They are extremely essential in every department of any company, without the consumers there would be in an ideal world no purpose for the organization or firm, since it would not operate. Regardless of the service or product of the company, a company must have the ability to leverage their own marketing or even the organization production, ensuring that they gratify customer demand (Tony 2010, 352-389). Especially in 2010, the customers are well informed and make appropriate choices based on their judgments, which means that business marketing has taken another shape and needs seriousness in it for international business.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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