Essays on Mars Petcare Planning to Enter to India Market Case Study

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The paper "Mars Petcare Planning to Enter to India Market" is an amazing example of a case study on marketing. People have increasingly become aware of the benefits that accrue to them when they have pets. Some of these benefits include companionship and the human desire to always having someone or something that can eliminate loneliness. To a greater extent, the 21st century has really changed people’ s attitudes towards pets and therefore this new enthusiasm created by the human need for companionship has lead to a revolution in the pet industry to the extent that domestic markets have become flooded with Mars Petcare Products.

Thus the industry of pet care products has to be on the lookout in line with interpreting the signs of the market for pet care products in order to both satisfy the demand of pet care products in the regional scene and also attain market economies through diversification in the global field. 1.2 Company Selected Mars Petcare on top of being a force to reckon with in Australia for pet care products, the company is also known for its distinct pet care brands, for instance, Pedigree, My Dog and Whiskas.

The company’ s manufacturing activities are well distributed in Australia with a major breakthrough in the pet care products industry realized through the establishment of a multi-dollar plant for pet food at a place called Wodonga. This is a true reflection of the company’ s commitment towards investing in the pet care products industry in Australia and hence the need to diversify to foreign markets. Product Selected The products selected from Mars Petcare are the leading brands of the company that is; Whiskas, Pedigree, Banfield, Nutron and Royal Canin.

All the above products are pets foods. Market Selected The target market for Mars Petcare is India. This is a nascent yet highly growing market especially with new developments in contemporary pet-care trade. The market has relatively more ease on the question of entry given 2.0 Situation analysis Situation analysis mostly focuses on the market trends in determining a company’ s market for its products and therefore aims at identifying the general context from which a given organization will be operating. Situation analysis also scans the environment of an organization in a bid to evaluate whether the organization is capable for instance in diversifying to the foreign market.

This section will, therefore, comprise, PESTLE analysis, market analysis, industry analysis, competitor analysis, company analysis and the implications of the situation analysis as the elements that will comprise situation analysis. 2.1 PESTLE analysis Without any doubt, foreign markets are macro environments and hence Mars Petcare needs this tool in deciding to market their pet foods. PESTLE analysis involves the careful analysis of political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors. Numerous literature on India has indicated that Indian industrialists have been showing significant interest in the country’ s politics.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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