Essays on International Marketing Advertising by Tusker Brewing Company Case Study

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The paper "International Marketing Advertising by Tusker Brewing Company" is an amazing example of a case study on marketing. International marketing advertising, in this case, can be taken to mean the dissemination of commercial messages to the target group globally. It involves the communication of newly or even existing products in a particular producing country so that it can reach potential consumers all over the world. This is because you tend to find that the target audience for a particular product will tend to differ from one country to another. This is because of the many beliefs and attitudes which are possessed by so many people all over the world.

It is due to this that international marketing has proved to be quite effective in that it will involve communicating newly produced products to many countries. You also find that the way people perceive or interpret stimuli or even symbols, the way people tend to respond to emotional or humor appeals plus their many levels of languages and literacy will require international marketing advertising so that the product can reach the potential consumer.

There are so many ways by which international marketing advertising can take place so that the target audience can be in a position to access these products. Through the paper, I will try to analyze how international advertising takes place with reference to the tusker brewing company in Kenya. (Douglas, 2001) International advertising by Tusker Brewing Company You find that for international marketing to take place, the firms producing these products should be organized in a way which will make this advertising to be quite effective. For example, the multinational firms need to centralize their advertising decisions plus budgeting this mode of advertising since its a bit expensive as when compared to other modes of advertising.

They need to have a number of agencies in such countries so that they can advertise their many products. So for the case of the tusker brewing company in Kenya, you find that they have agencies in other countries like it has agencies in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi whereby the work of these agencies is to market the tusker products into these countries.

It’ s through this advertising that most of the potential consumers are in a position to access this beer hence leading to increased profits in the company. You find that its budgets are usually decentralized and also placed in the hands of its local subsidiaries resulting in the greater use of the local advertising agencies. So these agencies usually move from one country to another advertising these products to the potential consumers and hence its through this international advertising that many potential customers from all corners of the world will get the type of beer they want which will satisfy them fully while at the same time increasing the companies profits hence leading to economic development.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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