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The paper "International Marketing and Business Operations of TABlites’ Products" is a delightful example of a case study on business. TABlites is well known for its wide range of supply comprising of high quality of E-liquids and E-cigarettes among other accessories. Thus, the organization is slowly gaining popularity in the international market all over Europe. The majority of the smokers based on a study conducted in Europe have now switched to electronic cigarettes, paving way for the growth of TABlites and other subsidiary organizations that focus on the same range of products.

There have been numerous advantages that favor the use of E-cigarettes rather than real cigarettes. The most significant aspect is that the use of E-cigarettes and E-liquids, which prevent the presence of carbon monoxide and harmful tar that is usually produced when tobacco is burned, simply because they use nicotine instead. The sales of E-cigarettes have skyrocketed ever since its first introduction, which was in the UK in 2007 (E-Cigarette Research Advocates Group, 2013).   TABlites now want to expand their international market all over Europe and the world in general.

This paper will focus on the business operations and market recommendations for TABlites’ products: E-liquids and E-cigarettes in the Spanish market. All aspects of the international market with regards to the chosen organization and the products will be looked at in detail to favor the targeted Spanish Market. Introduction Spain is well known for having smoke-filled restaurants, corner cafes as well as bars. Research conducted in Spain has indicated that the level of smoking has reduced over the years owing to the fact that the Spanish Government has implemented strict laws prohibiting smoking in specific public places.

However, even with such strict laws imposed by the Spanish government, researches that have been conducted in some cities in Spain have indicated that a majority of smokers value smoking, and thus it has become a necessity. Based on these findings, it is easier for any Cigarette Company to get a valid opportunity to expand its business operation in the Spanish market (Elpais, 2013).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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