Essays on International Marketing as an Indication of the Development and Growth of an Organization Case Study

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The paper "International Marketing as an Indication of the Development and Growth of an Organization" is an outstanding example of a case study on marketing. A strategic marketing plan is a tool that every business or sales manager needs to effectively achieve the objectives of the company. This report explores the subject of Strategic marketing relative to international marketing as it regards the development strategies of Marks Company. This is a company that deals in the production and supply of clothing and domestic home products. Development herein refers to the company’ s intentions of introducing its products into countries it is yet to establish itself.

The report purposes to provide the company with the necessary information that it can use to amend or improve the marketing strategy. Over time, Marks has grown and diversified its business operations on a local scale. Therefore, the information availed in this report is necessary for the company to explore foreign markets. The precise objectives of the report include an evaluation of the importance of international marketing for Marks, analysis of the various factors of international marketing such as industry attractiveness, assessing the international marketing environment in terms of industry competitive forces, discussing the relevance of strategic marketing research and the importance of differentiation as a competitive advantage.

The report also adopts an order that avails substantial information in marketing that the company can use in the development of a strategic plan for marketing. 2.0 Introduction and Business Selection From a global point of view, the international economy continues to grow in all aspects including products introduced to the markets. The development of a company is defined by the success of the marketing strategies employed.

The clothing industry is an interesting sector because of its dynamic nature. Marks Company operates in the production and supply of clothing and home products. The company currently leads in the provision of women-wear and lingerie in the United Kingdom with continuous growth geared towards menswear, kids wear and more. Even though it already operates in the United Kingdom, the company’ s management desires to explore other feasible continents for internationalization. To achieve this, the company requires a strategic marketing plan. It is headquartered in London, England.

The company puts most of the emphasis on product quality and respect for a customer by implementing stock sizing systems and giving fair value for the prices. After opening a few shops around England, the Company is supposed to stretch to Asia and America then later on to other regions. In view of this, the report documents a detailed discussion on strategic marketing, planning and international marketing (Chae, 2012).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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