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The paper "International Marketing - Delaware North of Australia Parks and Resorts  " is a great example of a marketing case study.   Delaware North of Australia Parks and Resorts is an international leader in hospitality as well as Food Service Company. Its establishment began in 2009 through the successful acquisition of various remarkable resorts in Australia. The company originates from the lizard of the Great Barrier Reef, the Australian Red centre of King’ s Canyon to the Islands of Wilson and Heron (Robinson 1992). A precise description of Delaware North Australia Parks as well as Resorts, the company’ s positioning, product, price, promotional and place with market entry strategies are critically examined in the essay. Precise description of Delaware North Australia Parks and Resorts Delaware North of Australia Parks and Resorts operates in most Australian locations, such outlets include both the national as well as capital airports within the cities, the centralized stations of Sydney and Melbourne Cross-Southern railway stations (Delaware North Companies (2004).

The company provides adequate hospitality, beverages and food within the most popular multi-purpose venues in Australia such as Melbourne and Olympic Parks, open home for Australia, Leisure, entertainment sites with Sovereign Hill in particular and the main sports, entertainment venues, for instance, the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, WACA in Perth and the Vector Arena of Auckland.

Delaware North Australia Resort and Parks are among the highly admired companies that deals in hospitality management and food expertise, management of sports facilities, gaming, travel hospitality, retail, lodging and racetrack operational services in the world (Jeremy 2009). Attraction points Sports venue Airports and transport Hotels and resorts Gaming and racing Parks and attractions Conference and convention centre Speciality venues Although the Company boasts to be among the widely and privately managed companies in the entire world, it has retained its founder’ s vision of providing special experiences for a single guest at a time.

Delaware North Resort and Parks being an international leader in the hospitality as well as foodservice provision is grounded within the family ownership foundation. The family-owned type of hospitality management has made the company to be the most admirable with exceedingly $2 billions of annual revenue and approximately 50,000 talented and creative associates, creating a large and privately owned company.

In addition, throughout the company’ s years of operation, it has maintained its corporate values such as integrity, hard work, generosity, honesty and determination. Research also reveals that Delaware North Resort and Parks have widely embraced its clients, customers and their dedicated associates who continuously achieve successful levels in hospitality provision across the world. Positioning strategy Provision of memorable experiences has always been the focus for the Delaware North in several wondrous locations of the world. Ranging from sports, entertainment venues to the gaming destinations and resorts, parks to the bustling travel hubs, the company’ s hospitality management panel operates in the entire United States as well as the world to ensure that their guests enjoy the provided services within special places to the highest level as the company does (Kelly 2010). Under the successful leadership of Jacobs’ s family, the Delaware North Australia Resorts and Parks have grown into a reputable hospitality management company with over $2 billion of annual revenue.

As a result, the company has earned a spot on the most-admired companies in hospitality management list. Within the hearts of about 50,000 associates who increasingly dedicate themselves yearly to responsibly serve up the lifetime memories to nearly half a billion of the guests (Robinson 1992).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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