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Essays on Marketing Mikah Breweries' Products in France as a Good Ground to Start Exporting Its Products in Other Countries Case Study

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The paper “ Marketing Mikah Breweries' Products in France as a Good Ground to Start Exporting Its Products in Other Countries" is a  forceful version of a case study on marketing. Mikah breweries currently produce the highest quality beer in Australia. The company is currently producing ales, stouts and bitters, low alcohol beers, premium lager, specialty beers, and standard lager. All these products are unique which has enabled us to excel in the local market. Our intention to seek the international market on these products will provide us with yet another opportunity to produce high-quality products that are cost-effective. ObjectivesTo provide means through which Mikah breweries internationally market its products internationally in France. To come up with strategies through which our products shall be produced and marketed in France. Company summaryMikah Breweries is a new company that provides quality alcoholic drinks in Australia.

Mikah has witnessed tremendous growth hence dominating the local market and now wants to explore the international market in France. It intends to focus on the brewery and the brewing process in the foreign market. The brewery will consist of modern stainless brewing vessels.

Stakeholders shall be able to observe the process of brewing during the day and be educated on the brewing process during the day. In the international market, Mikah shall focus on two major markets: The working class: The class consists of the majority of people in the society who ranges from the minor to lower-level administrators who appreciate beer of high quality. The corporate class: The class consists of people in the middle and top management positions who would appreciate beer of high quality. As Mikah grows and expands in France, it shall take on the people and expand to other related markets.

It shall also look for other additional markets through establishing good representations and relationships with the appropriate groups with the same strategic vision. Situation analysisPESTLE analysis Politically, France has always embraced anything that brings quality to the lives of the citizens. The structure of governance in this nation is based on fulfilling the people's needs and any organization that supports this enjoys the support from the government and the citizen (Putz 2012). Mikah breweries aim to provide quality beer at competitive prices.

This shall definitely attract the support from the organization, citizens and government agencies that aim to improve the quality of life of the citizens. Due to the commitments of the French governments to improve the lives of its citizens, France has been improving in most sectors of the economy (Dimitriou 2011). Although the population has been increasing in the past few years, the governments have never failed to put strategies that ensure the citizens reach most of the basic facilities. This provides a perfect environment for Mikah breweries to grow. Socially, alcohol is only allowed for mature people in society.

It is seen as a form of enjoyment which is allowed to mature people that can be able to control themselves. Almost all of the social factors surrounding the rules and regulations of alcohol sales and consumption are similar to those in Australia. It shall, therefore, be possible for Mikah to adapt to the new market socially without creating the immoral perception of the host country.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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