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The paper "International Marketing - Adfresh Farms Pty Ltd Company " is a great example of a marketing case study. Adfresh Farms Pty limited operates in the foods industry in Australia. The company is part of Australian Family Business that is located in Mareeba district in Australia. The fore founders of the company were Cyrene Torrisi and Sebastian. The family had been in the foods and manufacturing industry for 23 years and thus has perfected its practices (Adfresh Farms, 2015). The company produces purees all year round and is a reliable market leader in the food industry in Australia.

The products are purely grown in Australia (Adfresh Farms, 2015). Currently, all the operations of the company are centred in the farms in Australia. The main product of the company is garlic and is processed to make Easy cubes which form the delicacy of most Australian families (Adfresh Farms, 2015). The company also has its stockist only in Australia including Coles, Jonsson’ s Farm Market Chains, Cairns Bulk meats, and Atherton Super IGA. This report looks at the international marketing plan for Adfresh with the chosen potential market being the whole of the United Kingdom.

The Report offers an analysis of both the market and the business itself so as to recommend some of the best practices or decisions that can be made. Mission Statement The family-owned business does not have a mission statement yet. Mission and vision statements are the most important strategic tools in a company (Belcher, 2015). They serve as a guideline for the establishment of the objectives of the company. From them, tactical as well as strategic plans are developed by a business (Belcher, 2015).

A mission serves as a guide for the decisions that are made by a business and is the target for all the stakeholders (Belcher, 2015). For Adfresh, the best mission statement is drawn from the operations and service delivery. The general name of the product is Easy cubes that are created from herbs, spices and cooking condiments that are mess-free, small, frozen pop out of cubes and ready to use (Adfresh Farms, 2015). Consequently, the best mission that will attract people is something like: “ To produce Unique Easy cubes that will make household cooking fun and easy” (Adfresh Farms, 2015). Adfresh Company Adfresh farm whose proposed mission statement is “ To produce Unique Easy cubes that will make household cooking fun and easy” , is expected to internationalize with extending its operations into the United Kingdom. The political scene of Australia is conducive for the environment being that the country is politically stable.

This makes Adfresh successful in the market with the potential of reaching many customers who are widespread within the Australian territories. Australia has a federal legal system where power is shared between the government and the states.

Australia is a common law country that is based on the English model (Cia. gov, 2015) l. There are various laws that guide how business is done. The population of Australia and thus the market for Adfresh farms is 22,750,014 (Cia. gov, 2015). Australia is made up of immigrants and the natives with the major language being English. The Australian population are more inclined to Agriculture with most of the employed individuals being in the agricultural industry. The country’ s GDP stands at $1.095 trillion (Cia. gov, 2015).

The unemployment rate in Australia is 6.1% with the total labour force being 12.7 million (Cia. gov, 2015). None of the Australian population is indicated to be below the poverty line. Food processing is one of the booming industries in Australia and the distribution of family income (gini index) stands at 30.3 (Cia. gov, 2015). There are various legal regulations that one has to adhere to in Australia especially for the food processing industry (Cia. gov, 2015). The codes are dependent on the type of business that is being run and the processing stages as well as packaging (Foodstandards. gov. au, 2015).

With reference to the legal standards, there are also consumer protection laws that any producer and manufacturer must adhere to (Foodstandards. gov. au, 2015). Technologically wise, Australia is one of the countries that appreciate technology and has invested in nearly every sector in research and development (Cia. gov, 2015). The Australian population is known for its rich food culture and are growing to be more health-conscious.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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