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The paper 'International Market Entry - Pomlife Company" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Business leaders and managers around the world increasingly become cognizant of benefits that come with the global market. According to a survey conducted in 2014, a large number of business organizations are expanding to the international markets to leap the benefits associated with global marketing. Analysts argue that the recent wave of globalization has hugely impacted the international marketing as domestic markets have become more open to global companies. The trend has seen a large number of organizations expand in the international market to increase the sales and profit margin.

This paper is an international market entry report for Pomlife ® Company. The report will examine the entry of the company into Asia marketing to provide fresh Pomegranate arils in this market. Company and product background Pomlife ® Company is the major company in Australia that deals with the pomegranate products and will be expanding to provide the products in Asia International market. The company was founded in the year 2008 in the Goulburn Valley in Victoria, Australia.

The company started with an orchard to 100 hectares accommodating more than seventy thousand trees. Over the next seven years, the company has grown exponentially delivering pomegranate fruits to a large number of Australians in the country. The company continues to show a lot of commitment towards the growth of the products by encouraging more farmers to start farming the crop. The aim of the company is to become the major pomegranate producer in the country delivering these products to meet the increasing demand of the pomegranate in the Australian market and the international market.

In 2012, the company started to export the products to the international market to expand its operation and increase the sales and profit margin. The company has both financial and human resources that are sufficient to meet the international market demand (Balassa 2012). Pomlife ® Company has a number of strengths as well as weakness which can enhance or deter the smooth exportation of the pomegranate products into Asia and another international market. The company has an excellent staff that has a strong knowledge of the products requirement.

The employees in the company understand all the aspects of the pomegranate products ranging from production to the marketing of the products. The demand for Pomlife® Fresh Pomegranate Arils in Australia and other parts of the world is significantly high while the supply for the product is limited. The last strength of the company is a good reputation and relationship which the company has established with its customers (Krugman 2014). The major weakness faced by the company is the seasonality of the fruits. Pomegranate is a seasonal crop that produces between March and August.

Pomlife® Fresh Pomegranate Arils are available in most supermarkets during this period. However, getting the product during the peak season is always a problem. The second weakness affecting the company is the environmental factors such as wealth and pests which affects the crops. Lastly, due to the large demand of the Pomlife® Fresh Pomegranate Arils, the company fails to meet the demand especially during the low season period (Viner 2012).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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