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International Marketing Plan Guide Marywood was established as a private affiliated to the Roman Catholic in 1915 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It has grown over the years to its present academic program ranking that is governed through four colleges that grant degrees. They are, respectively from the highest, two, two, 36 and 60 terminal, doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degrees. These programs offer sufficient diversity for the university to be able to enroll international students from Azerbaijan, Brazil, Colombia, Kuwait and Turkey. This paper will prepare an international marketing strategy and organization targeting students from the above countries. People Required This will comprise of a team of marketers, financial planners, academic and religious advisers and professionals in international relations.

Although Marywood University has its roots in the Roman Catholic faith, it is renowned for its lack of religious, gender, ethnic and racial discrimination. The clear motto that reads “Holiness, Knowledge, Health” does not point to any particular target population but openly attracts students wishing to learn in an institution that encourages spiritual and academic growth in a healthy environment. By using a team representing a fair mix of gender, ethnicity and religion, the institution will communicate its accommodating nature to the diverse nationalities it is targeting. Manufacturing, Financial, and other Resources The institution will need to manufacture billboards and print posters customized for the respective countries to be placed at strategic locations.

Further promotional materials such as t-shirts, caps and pens will also be required for free distribution at fares and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities conducted in the target countries. Financial planning will need to consider both the immigrant communities residing in the United States as well as those still in their respective countries.

This means that there must be a provision for teams that will travel to the target countries to conduct on-the-ground marketing. Point to point transport and the internet will be crucial resources in facilitating the entire project. Marketing Information System Needs A key characteristic of the marketing information system (MIS) is that it needs to be designed to assist in tracking ongoing patterns of responses among potential students. That way, Marywood University will be able to predict behaviors among its target students by analysing the rate of successful enrolments as measured against the estimated population that will receive the marketing information.

Therefore, another need will be that the MIS encourages direct marketing that targets the required student population and also ask for feedback. Since it is an institution that holds the values of others in high regard, it will be critical to consider the religious diversities between itself and each of the individual target countries. The feedback component of the MIS will help in understanding how effective the marketing initiative is and point towards corrective measures. Criterion Measures Comparison with Objectives The continuous monitoring of enrolment patterns as well as feedback will give a reflection of the level of customer satisfaction, or the lack of it.

This can be done on two different scales, with Brazil and Colombia, both within the Americas, on one hand and Azerbaijan, Kuwait and Turkey, which are Islamic nations, on the other. Since the institution respects the diversities of the values of its students, each target group will be analyzed according to its uniqueness, which will show the significance of religious advisers being in the team.

That way, it will be possible for the university to not only understand how their strategy is performing, but also have an insight as to where and why they have failed to meet their objective. The essence is that from the performance, the university will be able to use regular reports to recognize and update structured decision problems.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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