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The paper "International Marketing - Starbuck " is a perfect example of a marketing assignment. In order to penetrate the tough Japanese market, Starbuck decided to expend its business beyond the normal situations of cafes. By so doing, they went ahead to open convenience stores where which they sold coffee in chilled plastic cups. This proved to be a great success making the company capture over $10 billion market share of which were sold in vending machines bottles, cans instead of the normal situation of made-to-order at the cafes.

The result was amazing making the Seattle-based company to a great success story in the fiercely competitive sector in japan. This strategy led to Starbuck into a household name in after opening its first business store there with the hope to increase sales of the new drinks In order to triumph in the competitive and tough Japanese market, Starbuck decide to team up with their rival competitors in the market. This could be clearly observed by Mt. Rainer, a popular brand in Japan. Mt. Rainer logo and that of Starbuck were almost the same in design.

Starbuck also went ahead to sell it canned coffee drinks in convenience stores which included that of Georgia, brews with extra caffeine, Coca-Cola Company and those made with gourmet coffee beans. Another strategy that made the company triumph in the tough Japanese market is the opening of its stores a furious pace after its first opening in 1996. As a result, it attracted huge crowds making more sales as well as a brand name. Another strategy adopted by the Starbuck that lead its success in the Japanese market is the broadening of its menu for its stores.

The company decided to customize its products which included less-sweet desserts and smaller sandwiches. Question 2 According to the All Japan Coffee Association, coffee consumption in Japan is growing rapidly as many Japanese find the beverage more enjoyable and refreshing. Consumers believe having a conversation in a coffee shop is refreshing and more modern as opposed to taking or discussing without taking and drink. It is also noted that Japanese believe that having a cup of coffee is more Westernized and a new thing to many Japanese who cherish Western Culture. When Stuberks introduced new coffee products such as green coffee at more pocket-friendly prices many people from Japan have started brewing coffee at their homes.

This has expanded the demand for coffee among the Japanese as copying from neighbours becomes more inevitable. For young people, Starbucks coffee seems new and trending. Since the fast-food chains also provide coffee drinks it has made many consumers acquire with the drinks inevitably. The mundane of taking the drinks with capsules is increasingly growing among people of Japan. This culture is spreading rapidly and it's expected to expand the coffee consumption by 30%, according to AJCA. Brands are also considered one of the factors that trigger the Japanese to take coffee.

Many Japanese like products of Starbucks. The brand influents the drinking numbers and many prefer coffee from reputable organizations that have highly regarded brands. And so like other products, coffee culture in Japan dynamic as people copy what is trending in other countries. Coffee shops hangouts and meetups with allies and relations are becoming mundane.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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