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The paper "International Marketing of Walmart Inc " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   This report was about Walmart Inc. which is an American founded company that is looking forward to expanding its territories by entering the Australian market. The reason that is assumed to have contributed to this scenario is the fact that Australia is an island and that yet many companies to enter the industry. The country has one the most stable political environment and legal systems that have continued to create confidence among the investors.

In addition, technology use is also very advanced and that if the company chose to employ an online business strategy could play a very significant role in reaching wider marketing and also enhancing its efficiency. This analysis, however, has established that competition may be a major threat for the company especially when competing with already established local companies. However, what has considered a key advantage for the company is the price discounting something that will give it an advantage over the home-based companies like Woolworth and Wesfarmers. Finally, because the company has a strong brand, good revenue base, experienced in international business after having established in other countries and price discounting capabilities realized from low-cost operations, franchising has been recommended as the best entry strategy for the company. 1.0 Introduction Walmart Inc.

is one of the largest chains of discount department and warehouse stores in the United States of America and that is currently considering Australia as a potential international market. The retail company was established in 1962 by Rodgers Arkansas in the United States. The company was dedicated to improving and making a difference in the lives of its customers.

This is according to the visionary leadership of Sam Walton and other generational leaders who have focused more on the idea of helping the customers and providing them with diverse and quality household goods at discounted prices. Since 1962, the retail company has embarked on a journey to creating impact in the society by delivering them with what desire for use using different strategies something has helped it employ over 2.2 million associates as per now and also able to serve over 200 million customers in its 10,000 stores placed in different parts of the world.

Among those countries that the company has shown strong interest in is Australia (Walmart 2011). 1.1 Australia as a destination market Australia is located at the south of the equator and is an island continent that is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the West and the Pacific Ocean from the East. The country occupies cool temperate climate of about 10 degrees from the south and 43 degrees from the southern latitude. The neighboring countries of Australia include Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and New Zealand.

The country is both governed by state governments which are six in number and the federal government (Wollumbin 2012). Despite the country having the indigenous people who have lived in the country for over centuries, the country is now dominated by foreigners who first came into the country as explorers and colonialists. As per the 2011 statistics report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the country’ s current population is approximately 23 million.


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