Essays on International Project Management, Project Feasibility and Justification Coursework

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The paper "International Project Management, Project Feasibility, and Justification" is an engrossing example of coursework on management. Developing countries consider world bank a vital source and an assistant in all corners of the world. The World Bank is aimed at fighting poverty at all tactfully so as to achieve permanent results. They are also focused on providing the needy with resources so that they can continuously finance themselves. Other than finances, the source knowledge to their clients so that strong partnerships are built either within the private or public sector. The world Bank is an umbrella of two institutions which basically owned by 187 countries which are all members.

They comprise of International Bank for Reconstruction and development and International Development Association. The two institutions are accorded with roles that are aimed at promoting the global vision. Although they seem to play different roles, they are both aimed at the long term vision of the world. For instance, International Bank for Reconstruction and development is focused on poverty among the low earners and the creditworthy poorer nations, in turn, it is trying to fight it by ensuring that it is totally reduced.

On the other hand, the International Development Association has much interest in poor countries of the world. The world Bank provides services such loans with low interest, credits with zero interests, and grants to developing nations which aimed at improving health, education, public administration, infrastructure development of both public and private financial development managing both agricultural and environmental resources including management of natural resources. The Bank came into operation in the year 1944 and its headquarters located in Washington, D.C. to date, the World Bank has at least 10, 000 workers distributed to the scattered offices of the world.

The Bank is currently reviewing its programs, as they are driven by the need, to provide the best expertise in trying to handle the needs of the poor, in addition, they majorly maximize on finances in order to first handle that development which has been prioritizing. Moreover, its effort has been divided into three pillars. Measurable results are expected to be achieved by the developing countries after they are supported.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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