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The paper "International Recruitment and Selection Process" is a great example of management coursework. Employees are considered to be one of the most important resources of any business or organization, and so it is essential for the human resources manager to have a thorough recruitment and selection process. This is essential because the best candidates will be recruited to fill the post that was advertised. There are various aspects that need to be considered during the international recruitment and selection process. This essay focuses on issues that the multinational corporation must consider as they search for a candidate to fill the vacant post.

According to Ployhart & Weekley, (2014) this responsibility of international recruitment and selections lies predominantly with a human resource manager of the headquarters. However, Longley (2014) believes that other HR managers of the subsidiary companies must be involved in this process as a way of assessing technical considerations during international recruitment and selection. Organizations should also decide very carefully on whether to recruit in certain countries or across the world. Such a decision must be made after assessing the advantages and disadvantages of using either of these methods. According to Dessler (2014), an organization should ensure that they follow all the legal considerations that are associated with the international recruitment and selection that are imperative to that host country.

Accordingly, this essay will analyse the specific advantages of international recruitment and selection on a life cycle basis, starting with the analysis of the skills that are required for the position and the criteria of choosing the most qualified candidate. It is a complex process because many factors such as language, cultural background, and other beliefs are considered besides academic qualifications.

Some countries have specific requirements that must be completed for one to work in such countries. Important of Recruitment and Selection This process of recruiting and selection is very important to the company because the process is a very costly exercise. Furthermore, the process is also an essential part of the business, and it, therefore, pays to do it properly. When the human resource hires the best candidates, train them well and treat them appropriately, these trainees will produce excellent results and also remain longer in the company.

There will no issues of employees quitting their job for other greener pastures. In such situations, the initial and ongoing investments of the company are well rewarded. An organization can be having the latest and superior technologies and other physicals resources but if it does not have the qualified and experienced people it will struggle to achieve its desired results. This is very much true in the entire spectrum of business activity; it doesn’ t matter if it is a non-profit making organization or not.

Choosing the correct candidates is one of the best practices of human resource managers. Poor recruitment of wrong selection can prove expensive. The hiring department must be sure of the technical competence of the candidate before hiring him or her. For instance, if an engineer fails in designing a component and it has to be re-engineered, the company incurs a lot of losses. First, the company loses in terms of time also money. Furthermore, the company can be penalized for delays in fulfilling a particular contract. In such cases, time and resources that were incurred in recruiting such candidate will have proven to be expressive and wasteful whilst a better candidate may not only have ‘ got away’ but gone to a competitor of the company (Snell et al.



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