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The paper "Australias Export Market in China" is a great example of a business assignment. This report evaluates the opportunities that there are for Australia to exploit the massive and enticing China market. This is with particular reference to its vast crude oil deposits that are still largely unexploited. The report begins with a brief introduction that highlights where the world stands in market liberalization and generally globalization. The report then analyzes the destination market, in this case, China. The focus is on the existence of demand for crude oil and how the infrastructures have been laid down to support business.

An evaluation of various attributes is made. Major areas of concern that have been discussed include international openness on trade policy, tax law and practice, adherence to the rule of law, fiscal and monetary administration, political stability as well as corruption levels. An in-depth evaluation is made regarding the product’ s competitive advantage in the destination market. The factors that would give the product – in this case, crude oil, a competitive edge are well highlighted and explained. This has been done in light of aspects inherent in other producers of the same product. An assessment is made regarding China’ s trade restrictions and tariff policy.

The analysis points out the advancements that the country has made in eliminating the trade barriers as well as pointing out areas where the country has lagged behind in trade liberalization. Finally, a forecast is made regarding how the trade would be beneficial to both countries and especially Australia. Trend analysis from past data has been applied to predict the volume of trade that is likely to be witnessed in the future.

A table of data is presented to exemplify trade interaction between the two countries. Introduction We are living in an age when the world's economy is geared towards market liberalization. Globalization is the typical business language of the twenty-first century.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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