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The paper "Internet International Marketing of the Australian Meat Processing Company" is a great example of a marketing case study. This report focuses on internet international marketing of the Australian Meat Processing Company which is looking to expand its business in South Korea through internet marketing strategy. The report highlights the consumer behavior of South Korean people towards internet marketing where it has been found that is a wide cultural, custom and belief gaps in contrast to Australian meat processing market. Furthermore, South Korea seemed to be the most internet-savvy country in the East with a huge number of users using the internet of few recommended sites and internet international market of the country has been deeply influenced by the Confucian principle and typical Korean culture.

Australian Meat Processing Company can look to target both higher income and middle-income groups of the customer pyramid. The company has immense opportunity in terms of internet marketing by making its presence in the most searched websites like Naver, Daum, etc and foster competition in the existing market and making its own exclusive portal for South Korean users by entering into an agreement with the Korean government.

Challenges for the company include making a brand presence of its own and rising threats of data secrecy and information leakage in the internet industry along with intense competition and financial backup to build an internet infrastructure. However, the company can look upon the bootstrapping method for its early-stage financing problems along with the customer feedback system and designing products as per customer needs and wants to ensure higher growth and maximal customer satisfaction. 2.0 Introduction This report focuses on the topic Internet International Marketing for a meat processing company “ Aussie Meat Processing” who has recently received some sales order from clients in South Korea which is unsure about the opportunities and challenges which internet may pose on their business if they decide to enter upon the internet international marketing.

The report highlights the opportunities and challenges for the company in the context of internet international marketing along with the recommendation to ensure long term sustainability of the business. 3.0 Analysis This segment of the report focuses on the opportunities and threats of internet international marketing for Aussie Meat Processing Company drawing references from literature including an understanding of the consumer behavior of people of South Korea towards internet marketing along with targeted end-users for Aussie Meat Processing Company. South Korean Market South Korea is one of the most connected and internet-savvy countries in the East with over 90% of the population having access to high-speed broadband internet access.

The internet international market of the country has been deeply influenced by the Confucian principle and typical Korean culture. Australian Meat Processing Company can through the use of internet international marketing look to the target the South Korean users who have higher-income households and covers over 80% of the total internet audience in South Korea as those with higher usage of the internet are more likely to be found in an urban area where competition is intense in the meat processing industry and internet can prove as an effective tool for the company to enhance its market coverage and boost up sales (Jose & Carmen, 2002).

Moreover, this segment uses the internet to shop, conduct research, gather information, chat, email and other benefits of social networking.

Consumer behavior in South Korea exhibits certain unique characteristics in terms of internet international marketing like the South Korean’ s tend to visit the few selected websites for most of their searches prominent among which are Naver, Daum, Cyworld, etc. Further much like in the offline or traditional world, social interactions and forming customer relationship bonds are the main motivators for the local South Korean’ s as opposed to convenience and gathering information which itself explains the growing popularity of internet international marketing in South Korea.

Korean users are further generally more concerned about their online identity and behavior as perceived by others making the internet an effective tool in enhancing business.


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