Essays on Important Aspects of Internet Marketing for Promoting Online Gaming Website Case Study

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The paper “ Important Aspects of Internet Marketing for Promoting Online Gaming Website" is an affecting example of a case study on marketing. This report presents a detailed analysis of some of the important aspects of the online gaming portal through internet marketing. This report discusses the ways a web site could improve the marketing capabilities of a company. In this scenario, this report will discuss different tools and techniques that we would use for the marketing of the latest game development. Though, marketing using the internet is not a new idea or term because more and more businesses are at the present making use of the internet to market their products and services.

Thus, through this marketing, they are able to access a large size market and customers from all over the world. Seeing the importance of the internet in people’ s everyday lives we have decided to develop an online web site for our latest game. Online gaming websites are one of the main and preferred choices of children and young people nowadays. This new trend has directed our attention to build a new and technology-based online gaming website that is able to advertise, market and promote our new war game on the web.

This new website will offer comprehensive support to business and offer a less costly way of marketing business and corporate trends. This will be a great opportunity for our business to get a competitive edge in the present-day business environment. This report discusses various aspects of the online gaming portal, its promotion and web development and design guidelines that can help improve the capabilities of the web site.

It will also help the developer in developing a web site that could attract customers and online gaming lovers. I am working for an online games development company “ World of War-Craft” as an internet marketing director. Recently, I have been assigned a task to market the online game through a website that will be proposed through storyboards and pictures. In this scenario, I will provide guidance to the web developer regarding a real web page. In this scenario, I will recommend and present some specifications and recommendations for the web developers in order to better develop the website that can better attract the user and game lovers.

For this purpose, I will use the latest marketing technique known as internet marketing. Internet marketing (as well recognized as web-based or online marketing) is precisely as it sounds a method to market our services or products on the web. However, a lot of internet marketers make faults of considering that it is all about developing a live website. There are thousands of websites incorporating online marketing features created every day. However, what makes a website sufficiently struggle in web marketing goes far further than registering a website domain name as well as uploading website content.

Additionally, this process needs an expert strategy as well as a developing knowledge of the internet marketing business (Melissa, 2011). Sequentially for our company to actually flourish there has to be an internet marketing strategy inaccurate place. The potential for our company when it is flourishing advertised on the web are boundless. In addition, with this arrangement, our business is given the prospect to arrive at customers far beyond the limits of our business physical places because the internet permits our company to be accessed all through the world (Melissa, 2011).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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