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The paper "Internet of Everything from Enterprise Project Management Point View" is a perfect example of a business case study. According to Evans (2014), the Internet of Everything (IoE) is a networked connection of individuals, data, processes and things. Cisco (2013) defines it as the process or means of bringing people, processes, information, and things together to construct networked connections pertinent and valuable before transforming the information into actions that create new capabilities and economic opportunities for businesses. Based on the definition, it is clear that IoE may stake out the path for Enterprise resource planning (ERP).

In particular, this is since the bottom-line values expected from IoE include improvement in supply chain management, employee productivity, asset management and utilisation, customer experience and innovation. According to Muscatello et al (2003), ERP refers to business software, or simply a suite of integrated applications a business can leverage to collect, manage, store, classify, interpret and process data from many other business activities. This set of integrated applications, according to Nah and Delgado (2006), comprises a set of mature business applications and tools for sales and distribution, human resources, supply chain management, service delivery and product planning. Introduction and history In almost all industries, such as the retail industry, accelerating innovation curves means restructuring the retail landscape.

Within this context, obstacles to market entry are lessening (Cisco, 2014). Additionally, customers get to demand new means of interacting while the margins become compressed. In the modern-day world, this is known for having technology-driven parity in addition to the fleeting competitive advantages prompting the question of where the next wave of value for enterprise project management will come from. According to a recent global study by Cisco (2014), the professed value from ERP will be driven by the Internet of Everything (IoE).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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