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Human Resources Internet Recruitment Exercise In the contemporary business industry, the organizational online presence plays a great role in enhancing the business operations. In the advent of the internet technology, it has become a challenge for the management teams to create a modest online presence that will propel the business forward with greater efficiency. One of the most crucial business operations that the management perpetuates using an online presence is the company recruitment process. The ability of an organization to put their recruitment strategies, company information in the web platform and other social sites affects the efficient of their human resource operations.

Potential employees have the liberty to access relevant recruitment information from the organizations online presences. Cisco Inc. is one of the organizations that have used the internet to streamline their recruitment processes. To investigate the Cisco Inc. internet recruitment process I visited their website at cisco. com. The website provides details on the recruitment process and shows the open positions in the organization. From the company-managed information provided, Cisco is an organization that provides employment in the international business market.

As a both learning and selling company, Cisco has pushed its business into the international market and thus is free to recruit from across the world. The organization also provides potential employees with the ability to apply for a job online in the careers tab. in this option, one needs to create an account, provide their credentials and submit their applications (Cisco. com Para 1-5). The organization takes applicants through a multi stage process and communicates to successful applicants. Cisco has also been features in the social media and other non-cisco managed websites.

In Facebook, the company provides up to date information regarding available careers and other programs running in the organization. As long as one has liked their Facebook page, they are able to receive these updates any time they upload. In indeed. com job careers, Cisco stands out as an equal opportunity employer that hires from the international market. The various comments posted by the public on this site depict the organization as one of the best employers in the world (Indeed. com). However, this site has no direct link to the cisco. com website and this makes it quite impossible for the company to monitor the public opinions regarding their hiring habits.

In this regard, it is recommendable for Cisco Inc. to become aware of the information posted on its non-company managed website. The customer reactions posted in this website will help the organization to streamline its internet recruitment strategy. In conclusion, Cisco Inc. is one of the organizations that have managed to deploy an effective internet recruitment strategy through their online presence. Its web platform provides potential employers with the opportunity to learn about the company, locate open positions and apply for them.

A tour on their Facebook site provides the company information and helps to retrieve information on available jobs. From the non-cisco managed websites, there is a positive image of the organization recruitment strategy. However, the company needs to track information from the public to streamline its online presence. Work Cited Cisco. com. Recruitment Process. 2014. Accessed from: < http: //www. cisco. com/web/about /ac40/univ/recruiting. html>[Accessed on 10th Feb, 2014] Indeed. com. Cisco is Now Hiring. 2014. Accessed from: < http: //www. indeed. com/jobs? q =Cisco&l=> [Accessed on 10th Feb, 2014]

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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