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The paper "Commercial Bank of Qatar" is a wonderful example of a case study on management.   Commercial Bank of Qatar (QSC) was the first private sector bank in Qatar founded in 1975. The headquarters are at Commercial bank Plaza in Doha, Qatar. The bank ran bank accounts only before running other operations such as the foreign exchange. The bank started opening branches within the first five years. Since its inception, the plays an important role in the economic development of Qatar by providing a range of investment services to people, institutions, business organizations, and governments.

It primarily engages in Islamic and commercial banking services (Sun, 2011). The bank runs its operations at the wholesale level, retail level, and through partnerships and subsidiaries. The levels cover business solutions, personal solutions, and investment services. The growth of the bank is steady and over this period, it has been winning various accolades. This includes the 2011 Citi Performance Excellence Award. To demonstrate its financial growth, the bank bought about seventy-one percent shares of Turkey’ s Alterntifbank As. HE Abdullah Bin Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Attiyah is the current chairperson of the board of directors and Hussein Ibrahim Al Fardan as the managing director.

The bank has twenty-three branches across Qatar in addition to offering credit card business services in Egypt and Oman (Parker, 2011). The company’ s total employee population stands at one thousand one hundred and fifteen as July 1, 2013. It has a market capita of 4, 947.69 million US dollars with 1,237.23 million US dollars as outstanding shares. The dividends yield an annual average of eight point three percent. Ernst & Young are the financial auditors registered in 2012.Commercial bank of Qatar aims at becoming the primary financier for most of Qatar’ s economic development projects both in the private and public domains in various ways.

Among the ways, commercial bank seeks to provide a medium for interested people and organizations to access finance from partners for development purposes. The company also aims at offering direct financial support to specific sectors. This is in addition to promoting exports by financing organizations involved and offering management consultancy. The bank also finances the real estate development sector as well as giving scholarships to open up the market.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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