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Internship Final ReportIntroduction to OrganizationGulf drilling international (GDI) is an oil and gas drilling company located in Qatar. The company was established on the 18th day of May 2004. It was formed from a joint venture by Qatar Petroleum which owns 60% of GDI and Japan Drilling company Limited which controls 40% of the company (Gulf drilling international 2013 ). The company has 12 drilling rigs and has over 1080 employees. The drilling fleet is comprised of 6 offshore jack up drilling rigs, 1 accommodation jack up and 6 land rigs (Gulf drilling international 2013).

I was attached in the organization for 4 weeks in the human resource and finance departments. The following is the internship report. Organizational Objectives and Mission VisionThe Gulf Drilling International limited aims at upholding excellence in its process of being a global provider of standards drilling services (Gulf drilling international 2013). MissionSafety in work Efficiency in services delivery, Promote state of art technologies which are coupled with low costs, Uphold continuous growth in performanceEnhance value to the company’s process (Gulf drilling international 2013). Company’s ObjectivesThe objectives of the company are to enhance safety in the work processes and encourage efficiency associated with it, embrace hi-tech in the drilling processes.

The company also aims at growing its performance and adding value to its process and productsServices Offered By The CompanyThe company offers offshore and onshore drilling services. 3.0 Internship position DescriptionThe internship position was titled ‘summer internship trainee’. My position was not appropriately described but was to work under the guidelines and supervision of my internship supervisor in the human resource and finance departments. 4.0 Training CompletedThe entire duration of the internship was 4 weeks.

I spent the first 3 weeks of the period in the Human Resource department and the last week in the finance department. My job title was ‘summer internship trainee’. The following section will give a detailed weekly report which will indicate the training completed. Week 1The main human resource practice which I learnt during my first week of internship was staffing. Over my first week of internship, I interviewed various people through Skype and via physical interviews. Interviews are an important practice in the staffing process which is one of the key roles of the human resource management department.

Physical interviews have been the norm in many staffing processes over time but the embracing of technology in human resource management has seen the adoption of technologies such as skype which allow for virtual interviews (Harris & Foster, 2010). Training on this practice is important in my career since it equips me with the vital experience and knowledge in staffing. Key to the staffing process is the filling of the necessary documents required in the hiring of new employees. I was also trained in the filing of these forms.

I was also trained on the application for visas, hotels and for the new employees from overseas. This is a key practice in international human resource management IHRM. This training made me have more knowledge and experience in international human resource management which is a very important practice influencing the success of an organization in the modern globalized world. I was also involved in various levels of interactions with agencies which provide skilled and highly experienced employees for long or short-terms.

This exercise was vital in equipping me with outsourcing processes which are very common in the modern day organizational management.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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