Essays on Interrogating the Challenges That Face Cosmetic Trading Research Proposal

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The paper "Interrogating the Challenges That Face Cosmetic Trading" is a great example of a research proposal on marketing. From one angle, it may be said that there is some strength when a company realizes its points of strength and weakness. This helps the management in knowing where more effort is needed and what kind of resources must be allocated to this area to uplift the performance of the product (Bryman 2004). In this respect, it is necessary that an organization takes a look at its general performance in a given area from time to time.

This research proposal will endeavor to outline some challenges and opportunities that are available for one of the oldest Australian stores that are well known for its role in shaping the retail business in Australia. In this analysis, clear a methodology that identifies these challenges and offers recommendations as to how the challenges that may be overcome and how the available opportunities may be utilized to make the organization more profitable and competitive will also be suggested. Organization Background Myer is one of the oldest retail stores in Australia whose products cuts across the board from children to adult wear.

The chain store has cut its niche by catering for almost all the needs of the consumer by ensuring a wide range of products is retailed at their outlets. Products that are consistent at Myer’ s stores include clothing electrical appliances, furniture, books, and stationery. Since it opened its doors at the beginning of the 20th century, the company has undergone a magnificent transformation and in just about eleven years of its existence, the company had purchased an enterprise along Bourke Street known as Drapers.

After several years of moving from rented buildings in various parts of Melbourne, the company set up what was known as Myer Emporium. The acquisition of older business was characteristic of the Myer Emporium and largely contributed to its expansion and growth. One of the historical breakthroughs of the company was its listing on the Melbourne Stock Exchange in 1925( BA 2010). In spite of the growth that the company has registered over the years, there has been a set of underlying challenges.

One of the prominent challenges that can have predominantly been outlined in the company’ s endeavor to provide detailed service delivery is in its cosmetics segment. This proposal will concentrate on highlighting these challenges and selecting the most prominent ones to analyze the situation of the company and how the challenges have affected the operation of Myer through time. Problem Statement. The retail business can be said to be one that needs strategic planning and execution if an organization is to achieve any recordable success. Myer can be cited as one of the oldest organizations that fronted the idea of retailing in departmental chains and stores in Australia.

Competition has been a major threat to the institution and the company has undertaken various steps as a way of countering the raging competition.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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