Essays on How an Interview Package Should Be Planned and How the Package Guides the Entire Interview Speech or Presentation

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The paper “ How an Interview Package Should Be Planned and How the Package Guides the Entire Interview” is a   creative example of the presentation on human resources. The interview will be conducted in the main boardroom and will be facilitated by the Human Resource Manager with the help of two assistants and the general manager. The objective of the interview is to seek an HR professional with a high level of understanding of contemporary leadership and organizational development. The potential candidate also needs to portray analysis capabilities and the evaluation of plans besides undertaking the development of strategies to ensure the business’ objectives are met.

Besides, the candidate should be able to effectively adapt to the rapid change in the environment as the organization is highly dynamic. Further, he or she should exhibit innovation, simplicity, integrity, and the ability to form lasting relationships. Description of the behavioral criteriaThe role of the Human Resource Manager is highly sensitive because it encompasses the management of the firm’ s human resources, who form the most important asset within the firm. The potential candidate must, therefore, possess proper leadership qualities that will effectively play the role of guiding the firm’ s employees in achieving their objectives.

Apart from effective leadership skills, the Human Resource manager selected among the candidates is expected to possess the following skills: 1. Strategic acumenThis is highly desirable in order to ensure that the Human Resource Manager can lead the organization in devising a strategy, which is meant to improve productivity through improving the efficiency of employees (Walker, 1999; Wright and Snell, 1998). 2. Communication skillsProper communication skills will enable the Human Resource Manager to effectively listen, articulate, and pass information to the company’ s stakeholders (Becker, Huselid and Ulrich, 2001; Vosburgh, 2003).

Furthermore, there may be a constant need to address crisis scenarios within the firm hence the need to have effective communication skills.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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