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ID Lecturer Interview with a Businessperson Interview introduction The interview was conducted with aperson who was managing his own local business of imports and exports. He is still engaged in this business where he imports surgical instruments while exports sports goods to different nations of the world. His business model was such that he had to pay close attention to both these tenets at a single time. This implied for his concentration towards tasks that remained significant from a number of angles (Wild, Wild & Han, 2010). The businessperson was vivid in his assessment of the business that he carried out.

He told us that his business was such that there was no room for doing any mistakes or committing errors. His future course of action As far as his game plan was concerned, this businessperson relied more on his peers and subordinates who were divided into two separate categories – one for the imports while other for the exports. This showed that he wanted to give attention to both divisions equally. Since the imports were coming in from European countries, he employed individuals who understood the European markets, had a fair enough comprehension of the related people and their languages and so on.

Handling of business operations Similarly, his exports went out to Asian nations and especially the South Asian ones where there was tremendous response for such goods. The businessperson was very happy that his imports and exports were being handled amicably by different teams that he had appointed who seldom met one another. This meant that their work tasks were held separately and there was not much to learn from each other, yet the success graph was soaring at the peak (Ghemawat, 2008).

Achieving goals and objectives The company is apparently on the track as far as achieving its goals and objectives are concerned. This has been the basis of properly finding out where there are any issues that need to be analyzed and thus understood. The plan seems to be working for the company as the businessperson believes that his decisions are bringing in the desired fruits on a regular basis. However, the problems do come in from time to time but these get settled once the senior members within the business management entities sit down together and try their best to resolve them in an amiable fashion.

Business decision-making It would be sound to suggest that the businessperson is very determined to make things happen and that too in a positive way. This has been showcased through the decisions that have been taken on his part and the rest of the team (Pace, 2008). He knows what he expects of the people working under him or with him, and hence thrives on success.

What is even more significant is the manner in which he is able to garner the trust and confidence of the different markets that he catering to – which do not mind when he buys and sells stuff on credit. What lies ahead? This businessperson is confident that he shall touch new markets for the sake of imports and exports in the times to come with the same two divisions of teams. He is also open to hiring new individuals if his business expands in the future, which is a positive sign nonetheless.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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