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The paper "Apple New MacBook - the Interview Process " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   The new apple mac book during an Apple event and it was referred to as the thinnest Mac to be produced by the company. The Mac comes in golden color, and it is only 13.1 mm in thickness and weighs about m2.03 pounds, and that’ s it makes it lighter compared to MacBook Air. It contains a 12-inch diagonal LED-backlit Retina which displays a larger screen. The new Mac book includes stereo speakers with a high level of sound, and the speakers have hidden the vents near the hinge (Andre et al, 2009).

The keyboard is another key feature that defines this new product which is 34 % more slender and utilizations another butterfly component to give keys that are more exact and as per Apple the "stainless steel arch switches situated underneath every key convey a fresh and responsive feel when writing. There is a touch trackpad in the new apple mac book; this is inbuilt force sensors that give the user a chance to customize the trackpad based on the pressure exerted.

However, despite the many advantages there numerous disadvantages that can be identified from the product (Andre et al, 2009). The most evident one is the Mac book speed where it comes with a 1.3GHz dual-core fifth-generation Intel Core M processor in respect to the price that it commands in the market. This paper aims to conduct an interview on one of the users of this product to get an in-depth understanding of the product. Reflect on the interview process The interview with the chosen user will be held at the Melbourne Monash University Caulfield campus.

The interview will be structured as follows; the first step will be based on the aspect of Apple MacBook background and current information. The second step will be on how the interview will be conducted where the interviewer will start over with the broad questions and get interviewee talking. There will be a set time for the interview and although the completion of the session will greatly depend on whether the time limit is reached, information relevance and information overload.

The final step will be on interview closing, and it will involve recap of the main points, identifying the areas of concern, sharing personal views with the interviewer and thanking the respondent for making time for the interview. In-depth interview depends mainly on qualitative research technique and involves conducting an intensive individual interview. The interview comprises of a few numbers of participants who perspectives on a particular product are taken (Guion, Diehl, & McDonald, 2001). For instance, in this case, the interviewer will ask selected new apple mac book users about their experiences as well as expectations related to the product.

The outcomes and changes they would like to be done on the product will dominate the interview. This in-depth interview will be appropriate in that they will provide detailed information about the new apple mac book and it will be possible to get the first-hand thoughts of the product users. The interview will be used as a channel to offer a clear and complete picture of the product functionality. There may be other product users who want to purchase the Mac book, but maybe not sure.

Therefore, through an in-depth interview like this, they will be able to get a clear perspective on the mac book user-friendliness. The interview is set to take place between small groups of users due to their confirmation that they are comfortable talking openly about the product.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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