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Interview Assignment This interview relates to my new job application. Tell me about yourself Kind of interview: Traditional interview Answer: I rely on my skills, knowledge, new technologies, and teamwork to execute my responsibilities with due diligence under minimum supervision. I am time conscious and a good planner who focuses on meeting deadlines and producing effective results within the stipulated performance standards. What are your greatest strengths? Kind of interview: Informational interview Answer: My greatest strength lies in my magnificent leadership qualities. As a good leader, I profess honesty, fairness, critical thinking, reliability, and objectivity in leading others to specific goals.

I have been a departmental leader in my previous workstations where I solved employees’ conflicts and led them to great success within a short time. Technique: Star technique Have you ever had a conflict with a supervisor and how did you resolve the conflict? Kind of interview: Competency-based interview Answer: Yes, I have had one disagreement with my supervisor where I had executed my duty without understanding all requirements. With the realization that there is need to address all sides of a conflict, I requested the supervisor for his perspective before explaining my naivety. I submitted to the supervisor’s decision as the last chance to prove my professionalism. Technique: Star technique Describe your greatest weakness Kind of interview: Informational interview Answer: Poor time management had been my greatest weakness in the past where I spent a lot of time in one task at the expense of other priorities.

However, I joined some planning classes after realizing my weakness where I can now plan my tasks effectively. Technique: Star technique How many valuable hours can you commit to this company in a week? Kind of interview: Informational interview Answer: Under normal circumstances, I work for long hours where I seek to perfect my duties and pursue my individual goals using the available extra time.

This helps in adding value to my work to the benefit of the company, clients, and me. Why would I choose you rather than other applicants who have better credentials than you do? Kind of interview: Employment interview (Hamilton 217). Answer: Although I may have fewer credentials, you can bet that I have concrete ideas that would serve the clients better. If you employ me for my solid ideas, I promise to translate them to the required professionalism soonest possible.

In my previous assignments, I relied on my solid ideas that defined an effective marketing mechanism to promote advertising though I had minimal knowledge on marketing. What will be your response if you work here for five years and fail to get any promotion? Kind of interview: Employment interview Answer: I am an ambitious person who seeks to develop in my career and assume greater responsibilities. However, I believe I can achieve that by continuing to learn and grow in the position that I am seeking. I believe I will derive significant motivation in working for you, which will equally prepare me for future endeavors. Why should I let you experiment on my company now that you have changed careers before? Kind of interview: Informational interview Answer: Having worked in different positions and careers, I believe I have gained diverse experience and knowledge in different fields.

With the diverse experience, I have the potential to solve different issues in your company using creative thinking. Changing careers have enabled me to develop diverse ideas and rational thinking. Technique: Star technique Why did you fail to leave your company as soon as possible even after realizing that it was approaching bankruptcy? Kind of interview: Behavioral Interview Answer: Ideally, it was not easy for me to leave my previous workstation and look for another job since I was working part time and was in abject need of the resultant remuneration to support my studies.

I equally wanted to be part of the solution and hoped that the management will design a survival mechanism. I sought to give my best even when the company was facing tough economic times. Technique: Star technique Your resume indicates that you worked at WZY Company for two years but got no promotion.

Can you explain why? Kind of interview: Informational interview Answer: Although WZY Company is successful company it also faced numerous challenges during my tenure. Indeed, despite our significant contribution, the company had a low retention rate and maintaining my job was a big achievement for me. The replacement of the management also hindered my chances for promotion since the new management sought to incorporate its own people in senior positions. The new management did not have my performance history to support my quest for promotion. Technique: Star technique What is your response to our company policy that favors women for this job since we deal with Japanese clients? Kind of interview: Employment interview Answer: I believe am more qualified for this job than anybody else regardless of his or her gender.

Gender may not be a good factor to deny me this opportunity. Having spent my early years in Japan and growing up in a Japanese culture, I believe I possess the greatest potential to serve Japanese clients compared to other applicants who have no idea about the Japanese culture. What are some of the most courageous actions, unique, or difficult political situations that you have ever made or experienced? Kind of interview: Behavioral Interview Answer: A manager who was leaving the company on corruption allegations had hired me to be his “fall guy” which I refused contrary to his demands.

In all assignments that involved the manager, I referred the auditors to him as an act of promoting accountability and honesty. Though the manager sought to terminate my employment at some point, the executive director saved me. Technique: Star technique What salary should we pay you? Kind of interview: Employment interview Answer: I have been checking various websites, referred to specific labor standards, and established that the average remuneration for this job ranges from $ 1,200 to $ 1,500 per month in this geographic area.

However, depending on the responsibilities that I will assume, I will be glad to negotiate my remuneration. Technique: Star technique Works Cited Hamilton, Cheryl. Communicating for Results: A Guide for Business and the Professions. Boston: Cengage Learning, 2013. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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