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Tapia A, How to write a profile or interview based article, accessed on January 3, 2011 at http: //freelancewrite. about. com/od/mechanicsofwriting/ht/WriteInterview. htm9The Position: Human Resource TrainerBehavioral CharacteristicsCommunication Capabilities It has to be ensured that the person who is being interviewed is one who is able to communicate with ease with a diverse group of individuals and can coordinate among the group. As a trainer of the human resource the person will have to conduct training sessions for the employees of the company and be able to communicate the skills and the technological knowhow to the various employees in accordance to their needs it has to be ensured that the person who is hired is one who has high skills of communications (Kolpas N 2008).

It has to be ensured that person who is hired to train the people has to have communication skills both in the oral as well as in the written field. Also it has to be ensured that the person is able to communicate with a large group of people and be able to hold their attention as this would be imperative for the position.

Liaison Building Capabilities As a trainer one has to be sure that there is developed a relationship channel with all the various employees in the organization. This is of great significance as it is only through the development of an understanding of the needs of the various levels of employees. This is important as when the person is training the employees of a certain level then it has to be ensured that he or she is able to understand and comprehend the needs of the employees and can train them in an effective manner (Nadler L, Nadler Z 1994).

Motivation Capabilities It is also important as a trainer to motivate the employees to adopt the new technologies. Therefore it is significant that the person who is employed is one who is able to motivate the people with whom he or she will be working with so one can increase the productivity of the employees so as to ensure a better working environment and increase their efficiency. Technological Knowhow As a trainer it has to be realized that the person who is employed is one who is one who is well knowledgeable of the various techniques that are involved within the functioning of the organization.

The person should also be able to adapt to new technologies and be able to grow as his or her knowledge base with time with regards to the changes that are occurring in the market. Interview PreparationThe questions A general background has to be established where the personal information about the interviewee can be developed. The questionnaire is another important part of the interview.

It is the basis of the entire interview, where there are direct questions asked to the interviewee and a large amount of information can be extracted through the questionnaire. The questionnaire can be added as to the process of interview to ensure that during the interview precise questions can be asked. Yet if there is observed that the response of the interviewee is one which is highly technical, the responses can be simplified instead of reproducing the response as it is in the paper. This is a more comprehensive manner of writing down the questionnaire (Ragusa G 2010).

The questions that are asked have to look into the personal information as well as the behavior of the person while at the same time ensure that he or she is qualified enough to hold the position responsibly. It has to be ensured that the person is able to cope with different problems that may come up and case scenarios can be given to the person to gauze the though process that is followed by an individual. Usually the interview should be conducted by two of three people panel who are experts on the subject so that a holistic interview is conducted.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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