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IntroductionOrganizations have developed a special wing which is aimed at selecting the right person as the success of the organization largely depends on the manner in which the correct person is selected for the job. Selecting people based on characteristics which are determined based on the nature of the business ensures that the money and the effort that has gone in selecting the correct personnel don’t go waste. This report thereby presents the manner in which Optus is looking towards choosing the correct personnel for the role of Retail Sales Manager based on the different behavioral traits.

It also shows the different probable questions that might be asked so that the entire process of selecting the required talent doesn’t goes waste and helps to recruit the correct personnel. Description of Behavioral CriteriaOptus has identified some of the behavioral traits based on which the people coming for interviews will be evaluated as it will help to ensure that Optus is able to choose the correct person based on the business requirements (Yokl, 2002). This has made them ensure uniformity and have identified the following traitsInterpersonal Skills: This is one of the most important skills that the person applying for a job at Optus needs to have as the job requirements are such.

The person has to have both oral as well as written communication skills and should be able to express and be expressed easily. This will facilitate in passing information and will help to develop the required structure through which better decisions and communication takes place (Peterson & Fleet, 2004). Relationship Building: Optus requires that the person selected should have a good rapport outside the industry and should be capable of doing so within the company as well.

This is primarily due to the fact that it will solve all the issues that arises either on the front of the customers or employees or others and will help to further enhance the brand image of the company. This will help to project a bright image of the company and will help the business to deal with the difficult situations in the most efficient manner and carry out the different role in the most positive manner (Petersen & Fleet, 2004). Motivation: The person selected for the job should have the skills to motivate oneself as well as his fellow workers and should be able to generate the positive zeal through which difficult task are done in the easiest way.

This will help Optus to enhance their brand image and look towards the satisfaction of the customers which will impact the long term business potential and ensure better growth (El-Sabaa, 2001). Problem Solver: The person should look towards challenges and should find out new ways through which the problems is solved and helps to gain the required efficiency in managing the resources while solving the problem.

This will require that the person has skills to think differently and should be willing to take challenges instead of procrastinating them. This also requires that the person knows the traditional ways of doing things but stills looks for newer and efficient methods (Cross, 2000). Administration: The candidate should be able to demonstrate all round skills and should be capable of handling the different roles and responsibilities which the retail industry will present.

While looking to do so the person should be able to ensure that the administrative cost is kept low and efficiency in the manner the resources are used is achieved (Cross, 2000).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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