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The paper "A Motivational Technique that Works" is a great example of a Management Assignment.   Goal setting and organizational planning are core elements in determining effective management. The role of a manager revolves around setting clear goals, measuring results and reviewing the progress of the implemented goals. The following report is a practical cum theoretical study on organizational planning and goal setting. The content of the report is based on the views of Danny McGenniskenby, who is the Store Manager at Woolworths, collected during an interview with him regarding goal setting and how the manager works with his subordinates. Setting goals is an important process both at a personal level and at a professional level.

For managers, setting goals can be a resourceful way of motivating employees and can be used as an effective pointer of the work performance and work ethics of employees (Locke & Latham, 1984). Through goal setting, employees are better positioned to regulate their individual and group work. Based on findings from a study conducted by Samson & Daft (2012), setting clear, specific and challenging goals in key areas enhances performance.

This forms the basis of this report, which seeks to analyze the validity, accuracy, and relevance of these findings by interviewing Danny McGenniskenby, who is the Store Manager at Woolworths about their view on personal and organizational goal setting. Q1. Draw an organizational chart showing the interviewee’ s position in the hierarchy. Indicate on the chart the person who you interviewed. Figure: Organizational structure at Woolworths. Draw a bar chart, continuum or another figure to show the degree of goal setting and personal organization by the manager you interviewed. Include your own self-score results as a comparison. Figure: the degree of goal setting and personal organization by the manager compared to my score  A summary of the responses regarding the manager’ s view of personal and organizational goal setting in relation to his/her position. During the telephone interview, the Woolworths store manager, Danny McGenniskenby, was able to answer all the eight questions from the ‘ New manager self-test questionnaire’ .

Based on the responses, it was clear that goal setting and planning plays an important role in how the store manager carries out his role to manage, direct, control, supervise and operate the day to day operations at Woolworths.

Based on the questionnaire, the store manager scored very highly, achieving eight points for the eight questions. According to the store manager, setting goals influenced how he as the manager and his subordinates operated in relation to who does what, when do they do it, how long it takes for them to do it and even where they are supposed to do it. The store manager implied that at Woolworths, goal setting was the basis for short-term, intermediate and long term planning, which ensures Woolworths retains its strategic position in the market, both at the local and at the global level.

This means that setting goals not only dictate the time frame but also, influences other variables such as resource allocation, a delegation of roles and responsibilities and measuring the rate of performance (Locke & Latham, 1984).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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