Essays on Paper-Based Urine Tests for Cancer Detection Coursework

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The paper "Paper-Based Urine Tests for Cancer Detection" is a great example of marketing coursework. Progressively, innovation is sparking creative connections in different disciplines. In this essay, the focus is on ‘ Synthetic Biomarkers’ for cancer detection by Sangeeta Bhatia, a scholar, cancer researcher, as well as a biotech entrepreneur. Sangeeta has broken through academic silos so as to converge biology and engineering on medical innovations. She has leveraged a number of ‘ tiny technologies’ of miniaturization with the intention of yielding inventions that can be used in stem cell differentiation, tissue regeneration, drug delivery, predictive toxicology as well as medical diagnostics.

Together with her team, Sangeeta has launched numerous biotechnology companies that seek to improve human health through innovations. The current biomarker industry has a number of limitations, and for this reason, Sangeeta and her team are focusing on improving disease detection accuracy. In this case, ‘ synthetic biomarkers’ was designed with the goal of offering enhanced sensitivity in cancer detection (Lemelson-MIT, 2014). The innovation utilizes nanoparticles in delivering enzyme substrates through a shot to the affected tissue; thus, generating synthetic biomarkers capable of shedding urine and reading occurs through a simple paper-based urine test.

If commercialized, the tests may be used to help communities having poor medical infrastructure, especially where cancer screening is very costly. Imperatively, the development of paper-based urine tests for cancer. The innovation can help reduce the cost of cancer screening, which is very expensive for most people. The Paper-Based Urine Tests can be used easily, whereby the patient is injected with nanoparticles, and synthetic biomarkers will be created after the nanoparticles interact with the diseased tissue, then they are shed in the urine.

The test results can easily be read out through a pregnancy test. The external challenges in commercializing the invention including ethical issues Commercializing Paper-Based Urine Tests will be challenging because a lot of resources, activities as well as external organizations are required. The medical innovations market is very competitive and dynamic; therefore, the ability to swiftly invent and commercialize new products is a crucial factor. Still, the new invention can suffer from uncertainty because of the continuous changes in the projections of the volume, margins, price, and cost.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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