Essays on Positioning in Existing Market Space - Apple Inc Case Study

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The paper "Positioning in Existing Market Space - Apple Inc" is a perfect example of a marketing case study. The chosen invention for recommendation is the biometric watch from Apple Inc. Corporation. The rationale for choosing this specific invention is based on the different facets of the technology involved in its process of creation. The gadget is a watch with a human side interface. It becomes a smartwatch with the capability of having health-oriented capabilities and fitness tracking together with the adjoining operating system of the company products and renowned services (Apple Inc. , 2016).

The main objective of the creation of the smartwatch is to enable the freeing up of people from the use of their smartphones. The wearable technology to the wrist will ensure there is non-dependency of the activities to the smartphones at all times. It also ensures that the engagement with the technological aspects of the watch and the smartphones are synchronized for efficiency at all times. Another aspect of the rationale for considering the invention was the level of human interaction based on the interface and the capabilities that it can do.

One of the main considerations is the inter-personal measures of health that the watch can enable when in use. Uses like measuring heart activity, stress levels and blood pressure are all part of the functionalities. Chang and Wu (2006) argue that the familiarity level of the technology to human interface and interaction delivers the possibilities of the gadget. Apart from the basic functionalities of the watch, fundamental deliveries of the phone like answering calls, responding to prompts are all capable of the watch at any given instance.

Finally, the dimension that makes the innovation applicable to resonance is the integration between the interface and response base from the directives. It is futuristic and enables a detailed platform of the software and hardware. External Challenges During the process of commercialization, the invention of the biometric watch faces critical challenges on an external basis. One of the challenges is the ethical reception from consumers who will be concerned with the production bases of the company. For example, the majority of the production plants are in China.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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