Essays on Inventory Management: County Road Case Study

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The paper "Inventory Management: County Road" is a perfect example of a case study on management. Inventory management is very important in the operations management of a company. It is because of its creation of value that it is managed and value forms the foundation of business success. Because of this, an analysis of an inventory management process is carried out to determine the appropriateness of the process in relation to available information from books, the internet, and articles about inventory management. The identified case of inventory management is also automated.

Computerization of the process is also an issue and may prove to be efficient compared to the manual process of inventory management. The main idea however is on the important features and processes of inventory management in the case identified. The results show that the case has all the important components of inventory management. Recommendations are based on the fact that the globalization is causing changes in the society and this causes changes in consumer needs and operating systems of businesses as well, businesses have to manage their operations considering these changes and have to be current as well.

It is for this reason that this report at the end proposes the use of automated inventory management methods. This report has described the process of inventory management and compared the components as in the literature to a developed automated inventory management system. The components are similar and the automated system shows some improvement compared to manual although not discussed. Managers should, therefore, research the advantages and disadvantages of the automated system and compare it with the advantages and disadvantages of the manual system and decide which system is appropriate for inventor management in the current world. There are no potential risks if appropriate inventory management processes are used by organizations.

The benefits however are many for example; the organization can reduce the direct dependency of a process on its predecessor (Lecture Notes 5). The organization will have improved value among other advantages of inventory management. In the case of computerized systems of inventory management, the organization will benefit from the advantages of computerized systems and may suffer the disadvantages of computerized systems.

Risk analysis can be carried out and risks minimized. The advantages and disadvantages of computerized systems can be obtained from the internet, books or organizations that have implemented such systems.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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