Essays on Investigate Cases Of Questionable Ethics In Promotions And Advertising In The UAE And Produce A Case Study

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QUESTIONABLE ETHICS IN PROMOTIONS AND ADVERTISING IN FOOD AND HYGIENE INDUSTRY IN UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)IntroductionPromotions and advertising are fundamental elements used in marketing strategies and are important for any profit making and non- profit-making organizations. This is because advertising and promotion informs and educates the public on available product and services and their usage. It creates awareness of the existence of the organization, creates entertainment as a way to attract the attention of the public, increase profits for organizations, influence consumer behavior, increase market share and is a route used to increase competition among producers of the same service or product (O’Guinn, Allen, Semenik).

However, promotions and advertising has been used unethical techniques to influence consumer choice, consumer buying and product and service consumption globally. This report shall critically look at the reasons as to why food and hygiene industries in United Arab Emirates (UAE) use questionable ethics in advertising and promotions with questionable ethics, and possible solutions using fish born diagram (Andersen, Fagerhaug). Brainstorming and Fish Born Analysis on Unethical Promotions and Advertising on Food and HygieneThe main objective of the study is to clearly highlight why food and hygiene industry in UAE has resulted to promotions and advertising of its products and services which have questionable ethics.

Brainstorming and fish borne diagrams are tools of analysis that allow one to clearly evaluate causes and effects of factors to a particular phenomenon in this case questionable ethics in advertising and promotions, thus formulating possible solutions to the problem (Andersen, Fagerhaug). Ethics in marketing are important in order to allow stakeholders involved to get their money’s worth, acquire value for service and ensure there is no occasions when one will feel misled, fraud or lied to (Hass, Wessels & Brennan 217).

Ethics are important in exerting pressure to producers and manufactures to assume responsibility in offering high value and quality in their products and services and establishing good brand name and image. Unethical marketing practices leads to consumers whose needs are not satisfied, mistrust among stakeholders be it distributors, suppliers, producers and consumers, negative publicity, reduced or lose of business thus incurring losses or shutdowns, and facing legal repercussions arising from law suits (Brenkert 104). Questionable ethics in promotion in food and hygiene industry in UAE leads to social implications where consumers associate lack of quality, immorality by use of sex appeal, and lack of ethics to the organization in question.

Other implications are that organizations are perceived as liars, fraud and misleading to their stakeholders, by indicating that they apply particular standards, product contents and use approved production processes, when they have not (P. R.G. 42). Legal implications arise when organizations are taken to court on charges of mispresenting facts, and using unethical aspects in advertising like using sex appeal to lure consumers.

Other factors include manipulating standards of products contrary to the bureau of standards board, mispresentation of product contents thus causing psychological, religious and physical harm due to content that violate consumer’s religious belief, and causing diseases or allergies (Hass, Wessels & Brennan 243). Environmental implications arise when the organization production process and waste disposal cause environmental degradation through pollution contrary to what they had advertised their product and organization as.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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