Essays on Investigative Careers - Business Consultant and Marketing Director Assignment

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The paper "Investigative Careers - Business Consultant and Marketing Director" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Business major constitutes some of the most diverse jobs across the globe. Business major entails a number of functions, such as marketing and management, which are applicable in most if not all organizations (Myfuture, 2012). What in particular attracted you to this work? There are two factors that attracted me to the business major vocation: career development and the flexibility of the job. The business major is known to be one of those jobs that have very good potential for career development (Myfuture, 2012). What training/education is required to apply for this type of work? A bachelor’ s degree in the business major is seen as the first fundamental step that can lead a person to acquire such a job in governmental and non-governmental organizations. Approximate size of the industry in A) Your state?

B) Australia? C) Globally? The business industry, where the job of a business major falls, is one of the largest sectors in my state. The industry is said to contribute more than 16% of the total economy of the state.

In Australia, the business industry contributes close to 35% of the total economy. The industry approximately makes 40% of the global economy (Colby, 2011). Starting Income A business analyst receives a starting salary of approximately $41,800 per annum, while for a sales manager, the starting salary is about $71, 000 per year. Consequently, the salary scale for business majors ranges from $35,000 to $71,000 per annum (Dahl, 2013). Likely Income with 10 Years Experience The salary scale for business majors with 10 years of work experience may range from $120,000 to $210,000 per annum (Dahl, 2013). Where you usually do this work (anywhere, major cities, capital cities)? Business majors can work from anywhere including capital cities, major cities, or even rural areas.

In major cities, business majors can work at various organizations, such as consulting companies, financial planning firms, audit and accounting companies, investment firms, and any other large organizations. In capital cities, business majors may work at places, such as accounting companies, not-for-profit firms, and financial institutions, such as banks (Schweitzer, 2013).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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