Essays on Leadership and Management Issues in Investigative Management Coursework

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The paper "Leadership and Management Issues in Investigative Management" is a perfect example of management coursework.   In every society of the world and in every avenue of the socio, economic, political, financial structure, the tactics and the impassioned qualities of the leaders instill in the workforce with the vision of success. This vision is a motivational force behind every work environment enabling them to accomplish their assigned task fruitfully. Leaders beckon their subordinates with their inherent qualities to reflect the best and take them towards the unswerving path in the midst of any unwanted crises or chaos.

And in this world of change and ambiguities, the leaders need to create an emblem of new ideas and ideologies to meet the requirements of the new age posturing in their unit to develop the need for adoption of the new business environment and achievement of their goals. The leaders of the organizations who need to give their best and perform investigative tasks should more profoundly adopt leadership qualities. Among many organizations in Australia, Deloitte Australia is one of the world’ s largest professional service organization and a part of the global network of associated firms having bases in and around 140 countries employing 165,000 people.

In Australia itself, Deloitte has 12 offices, 400 partners, with more than 4, 500 people providing audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services with the public and private clients all over the country. (Deloitte 2009: Online) Among many of the services mentioned above, it also provides Forensic services providing dispute solutions, financial crime, analytical insight, and Forensic data. Deloitte Forensic has gathered a team of experts of more than 160 professionals in Australia (O’ Toole 2008: Online) involving experienced accountants, auditors, computer forensic practitioners, data analysts, corporate investigators, ex-law enforcement officers and former regulators whose operations are based in all through Australia and the Asia Pacific region. As and as complexities in the organizations are increasing, the intense public scrutiny is also increasing.

The task that lies in front of the leader is getting more complex and harder day-by-day especially when it comes to the arena of forensic works. The life of a leader is itself getting tougher and all this he owes too many of the external influences that create a direct impact on the efficient working and performance of the leaders as well as others at the senior level.

Their measurement and evaluation not only has an impact on the whole team of the board of directors but also creates negative impact and influence on the whole forensic team of experts. The issues that are being faced by the board are regulations, governance, talent management, strategic decisions, and above all private equity. The forensic department has to handle various complex issues especially the forensic accountant has to handle many intricate, misleading or incomplete financial data and has to deal with the world whereby he has to engage in various evasive acts.

He should also have great analytical power, creativity and an ability to quickly grasp all those threads that go unforeseen by any ordinary person while quickly apprehending what may look like false financial records. Any team of forensic department uncovering any case involving deep investigation must have keen insight into the depth of the case and a nose for smelling clues that may lead to solving of the case.

Along with this, he should possess a cool mindset and great intuitive power.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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