Essays on Investment Analysis and Appraisal in Oman Case Study

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The paper "Investment Analysis and Appraisal in Oman " is a great example of a business case study.   The main aim of any business person is to make a profit. For a business to be profitable, the business entrepreneur should have a proper business plan and idea on how to conduct the business. He/she needs to take into consideration all factors that will enable the business to thrive. The intention is to compete favorably with other competitors in the market and be successful. This can be achieved by consulting experts to provide a proper business proposal for the company.

This paper provides a prospective investor in Oman with a suitable business plan and how the proposal can be a success to the investor. Suitable Business Proposals Tomato production Tomato is an edible red berry. It has several varieties and is widely grown. Tomatoes can be grown in greenhouses in the cool climates. It can be consumed in several ways, including when raw, as an ingredient in dishes, salads, sauces, and drinks. It is rich in lycopene that is beneficial to human health. The investor may decide to produce tomatoes due to its high demand by the consumers.

They can earn more profits from the sales of tomatoes. Tomatoes can improve the lives of individuals living in Oman in several ways. Foremost, it is rich in vitamins and minerals; vitamin C prevents humans against cancer-causing radicals from causing damage to the body. Again, the lycopene in tomatoes also helps in scavenging cancer-free radicals. Tomato also improves the vision of different individuals; this is due to the production of vitamin that helps improve vision. Many individuals will buy tomatoes since they use it daily in their meals.

The cost of starting the tomato firm is also low. Yoghurt production Yogurt production is a better proposal for investors. Yoghurt is a dairy product that is made by blending of the fermented milk using several ingredients that provide color and flavor. The investor can produce varieties of Yogurt including no-fat and low-fat, creamy, bio-yogurt, baby and drinking yogurt. With the introduction of new yogurts such as the cream pie and chocolate, the investor can attract more customers. Yogurt has a low-fat level of between 0.5% and 4%.

Yoghurt also contains artificial sweeteners that give sweetness and at the same time reduce calories. The investor can invest in yogurt made from milk from fed cows called organic yogurt. The yogurt is more nutritious than other yogurts. This yogurt is rich in nutrients since it is made from milk. This yogurt will help improve the lives of people living in Oman. The milk also contains vitamins and proteins and is reach in calcium. In addition, to the nutritional characteristics, yogurt has more health benefits.

Individuals who have difficulty in digesting milk can use yogurt since it encourages artificial bacteria in the gut. The sales of yogurt will enable the investor to accumulate more profits since the people living in Oman will be aspiring to acquire the product due to its nutritive value (Ramesh and Kilara 2013). Honey Production The investors can also take part in honey production. Honey is a sweet food made by the bees using nectar from various flowers. The commonly used honey is the honey produced by the honey bees. Honey can be a perfect substitute for sugar in various soft drinks.

It contains about 69% fructose and glucose. This makes it be used as a sweetener, and it helps improve human health. The investors will be able to retain more profits by selling honey since individuals find it healthy to use. It provides individuals with benefits such as loss of weight since it helps in digesting fats stored in the body. Honey is also a source of energy to humans. Many people use honey as a source of energy. Honey is also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, many individuals will use it to protect their body.

Honey production is cheap to the investor since the bees are not cared for or fed; they look for food by themselves and nectar from different flowers. Honey will improve the lives of people living in Oman (Ethel 2013).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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