Essays on Investment Analysis and Appraisal - Oman Case Study

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The paper 'Investment Analysis and Appraisal - Oman" is an outstanding example of a business case study.   Business investment analysis, characterized as the procedure of assessing speculation for risks and benefits, eventually has the reason for measuring how the given speculation is a solid match for a portfolio. The analysis can run from solitary security in an individual portfolio to the venture of a new company and even a huge scale corporate undertaking. This paper provides a prospective investor in Oman with a suitable business plan and how the proposal can be a success to the investor. Business proposals Mobile phone production Mobile phones are extensively globally in the days to the daily life of almost every person.

The phone presents convenience to each and every individual either in their private life or business life. This has made mobile phones to be almost irreplaceable in the lives of individuals. The technology development in addition to the global economy has made the mobile phone industry to flourish so much. The increased availability of mobile phones in Oman at a wide range of costs and the advanced lowering of the price of a solitary phone coupled with the increased demand of mobile phones from different clients in Oman has supported the growth of the mobile phones in the country.

Due to technological advancement, the demand for mobile phones keeps on increasing in Oman. The country has a vibrant mobile market with more than 177% of mobile phone usage penetration (Muscat Daily News, 2012). The idea of mobile phone investment in Oman is a great one which the investor should be enthusiastic about. The Oman mobile phone market is growing due to the country’ s ever-growing economy.

The country has a high population and the per capita income is growing (Vaidya, 2015). This means that there is an increase in the middle class. The population is has a young age with more than half the population being below the age of 30 years. The competitors for the market would come from the already established mobile phone manufactures including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, Apple, Sony and Huawei (Muscat Daily News, 2012) Most of the raw materials for the manufacture of mobile phones will be imported from Asia where there are manufactured at a cheap cost.

This will lower the cost of production as compared to local sourcing of the raw materials. As per the Omani laws and regulations, Part 2 Article (11) each company should satisfy the Omanization percentage that specified by the law. And the investor will create different opportunities for Omani population to work in his business and prevent unemployment and spread. Laptop production A laptop can be described as a personal computer which is portable and appropriate for mobile use. Due to their portability, Laptops can be used in almost every kind of setting including for personal use, at school, work and. The competitors in this field include Dell, HP, Sony, Apple, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba.

The blueprints for various important IT initiatives in Oman are outlined by the eGovernment and strategy in Oman referred to as e. oman and the Oman digital society. These initiatives are aimed at empowering the Oman population through provision of interaction via the eServices. The integration of the IT in the school curriculum and more than 85% of the schools connected to the internet shows that there is high usage of computers in learning institution especially the higher institutes.

There is also a high percentage of use of computers among the public sector employees. All these indicate a high demand for the product. The investment will strengthen the local capacity for the assembly/ manufacture of laptops as well as creating job opportunities for the skilled youths in the country (Muscat Daily News, 2014).


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