Essays on Ipad Company - Goals, Vision, Mission Statement, Main Values, Marketing Strategy, Situational Analysis Case Study

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The paper “ Ipad Company   - Goals, Vision, Mission Statement, Main Values, Marketing Strategy, Situational Analysis" is a  motivating example of a case study on marketing. In this marketing plan of the Ipad Company which is to be launched late this year, the first part gives the mission statement, vision, objectives and core values of the company; they are the blueprint and also the guiding principles to be followed during the implementation of this plan. The second part deals with the SWOT analysis of the Ipad product, the situational analysis strength and weaknesses of the product, opportunities to be exploited and threats to be avoided in order for the product to stay in the market.

It also gives the competitors’ analysis of the product. The third section discusses the marketing strategies to be used in order for the product to capture a substantial market share, advertising strategies, and means and medium to be used. Also discussed in this section are the price skimming and the marketing mix. Lastly is the outlined plan and the schedule of each activity, when they should be done and how they should be done and by who, control measures to be used during the implementation process so that we do not deviate from the plan.

In conclusion, the illustrative tables and graphs are given to show the budget, breakeven calculation, and projected sales monthly after the launch of the product. Mission statementThe mission statement for Ipad is to be the world-class leader in producing computer tablets for audio and visual media such which meets customer needs and preferences. VisionA world-class leader in technological innovation. ObjectiveThe main objective of this marketing plan is to meet the sales target of over 750,000 units of Ipad within the first year of the launch and reach the breakeven point within the first quarter of the second year in the market while maintaining customer satisfaction. Core values Integrity Quality product Customer satisfaction Accountability and Transparency Situational analysis (SWOT Analysis) StrengthThe Ipad computer tablet is one of the most lucrative and innovative products which has ever been brought into both the computer and mobile market by the Ipad company.

It is the most easily portable smartphones in the market and also laptop and netbook computer sizes.

One of the most attractive features of the Ipad is that it is in a position of running its own application and also those applications developed for smartphones without any modification done on it. Ipad is also controlled by what is known as a multi-touch display which is also used by iPhones and other smartphones. Unlike old computer tablets that rely majorly on pressure triggered stylus for internet connection, Ipad uses 3G mobile and Wi-Fi which is of high technology. Generally, Ipad is of superior features compared to old computer tablets which are in the market. WeaknessesAlthough Ipad works on the same operating system as iPod and iPhone its version is older compared with the current iPhone versions in the market and this makes it less competitive in the phone market.

Another weakness that can also double as strength is that it can only run those programs which are approved by Apple online marketing store hence limiting users only to specific programs produced by Apple Company (Erick, 2010). But this also can help in cubing online piracy of product and software hence a hidden strength.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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