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MARKETING I Phone 4 Solar Energy Marketing Strategies Introduction Digital solar offers the tools and measuring software to the solar energy installers, contractors, and the energy conscious users concerning the installation of the solar devices for structures. The digital solar combines the needs of the world’s long term environment with the entire economic value to the consumers. It has plans of improving the existing smart phones like iphone 4. The built solar system has come up with cases that enable the recharge of iphone battery. Iphone 4 cases are equipped with monocrystal solar panels that charge iphone 4 battery within one hour.

In addition, it also allows some extra talk time of about twenty minutes. The solar panels charging system also allows iphone 4 to play video tracks, surf the internet and play audio tracks for long hours. The charging of the phone is not only restricted to solar charging but can also be charged through Micro-USB cables. Furthermore, the charging cases provide a standby switch that transfer power directly to iphone 4, and store the energy in the battery for emergency use. The users of iphone 4 can now surf the web without plugging in the phone.

The company offers the solar charging systems that combine both traditional charging and solar technology capabilities on iphone 4. The solar-powered iphone chargers are still available at the stores. The company is trying to implement and test the sales approaches and marketing for the new product.  The mission of the company is to produce the best iphone 4 chargers that would enable the users to effectively use solar energy as a free and readily available energy source.

It also requires building of solar software appliances based on iphone technology that would effectively present and measure the solar gathering projections (McGrath, 2000). This would ensure that solar energy which is readily available is utilized well. Furthermore, it will enable people who are unable to use other energy sources to charge their iphones using the solar energy. There are several reasons why the solar energy becomes the best alternative source of energy for charging iphone 4 batteries. The solar energy is free and available compared to other sources.

In addition, the use of solar energy is profitable because when the solar technology develops, the financial costs of the solar panels will gradually fall. Compared to other energy sources, the solar energy is relatively cheap. This makes the use of Iphone 4 easy to individuals who can’t afford the other energy sources (Lawley, 2007). The solar energy can help people who are in remote regions where electricity cannot be installed because it is free and available everywhere. Furthermore, solar energy is a source of power that is used for various industrial, governmental, commercial and domestic applications around the world.

It is used in powering water pumps, satellites and weather stations. It can therefore be applicable in charging the iphone batteries as an alternative power source which is cost-effective and reliable. The use of iphone 4 solar energy is beneficial because the integrated solar panels, charges the phone’s battery when there is availability of sufficient light. In conditions when sunlight is not available, or when the user requires a quick charge, USB port gives a fallback option. The use of iphone solar surge is important because it is light, efficient and environmental friendly.

The surge casing is very light in weight and charges the phone efficiently. In addition it is important because it contributes in fighting global warming. The production of iphones with solar energy is therefore important because it has various advantages versus the regular battery.  The product and target market strategies fit with the organizational strategy since they are aimed at producing the best products at affordable prices for the final consumer. This ensures that they remain market leaders ahead of their competitors through offering the best to their market niche.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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