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Essays on IPhone 4S - Product Life Cycle, the Promotional Mix, the Product Development Process, Growth Stage, and New Market Economy Case Study

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The paper “ iPhone 4S - Product Life Cycle, the Promotional Mix, the Product Development Process, Growth Stage, and New Market Economy" is a  delightful example of a case study on marketing. The product is the iPhone 4S. Strategic market planning takes on various guises. The content, complexity, and structure of the plan will vary. However, plans have common elements – internal analysis, industry analysis, formulation of the strategy, opportunity identification, marketing programs, and implementation. Plans ought to address critical issues in a manner that is relevant to the firm. For instance, promoting decisive marketing initiatives within a limited period.

Planning allows organizations to adapt to a changing business environment as well as offer a framework for resource allocation. Sound planning promotes consistency of approach as well as facilitates the integration of activity, communication, motivation, and control of activities. Successful plans also address behavioral and organizational dimensions of the process. Typically, strategic planning is about the definition of marketing objectives and how these objectives intend to be attained after a certain time frame, for instance, three to five years, the objective might be best achieved.

However, there is a lot of evidence that suggests that although many businesses have plans, they are used to control spending. Owing to the rate of environmental change in the past ten years there has been a growing cynicism regarding formal planning, many of its detractors argue that in a volatile environment there is little to be gained from planning. Plans often lack realism, creativity, and lack flexibility. The important aspect of the planning process is that it forces the planning team to question assumptions, tests the rigor of the teams' thinking as well as offers the opportunity to prepare the future.

To plan well, the planning team ought to use the corporate, divisional or brand vision as a yardstick, and to view planning as a continuous learning process rather than as an exercise in control. The strategic marketing planning process involves the development of strategies that are based on the planning team assessment of the market as well as perceptions of managerial exceptions and organizational capability. Strategy and planning are over-worked and misunderstood words in the management lexicon. Just like many products coming from Apple, the iPhone is beautifully designed and intuitive to use.

Apart from being a killer cell phone, iPhone 4S has a gorgeous widescreen video iPod, a convenient 8-megapixel camera/camcorder as well as a small, powerful internet communication device. With iPhone apps, the iPhone 4S becomes a PDA, a handheld gaming device, a memory jogger, as well as an exercise assistant (Apple, 2013). iPhone 4S can do more than any other Smartphone in the market. The iPhone 4S can be used to view photos and interact with them using intuitive touchscreen gestures.

One can pinch, rotate, zoom as well as email photos – through simple gestures. The phone lets the user interact with content like never before. For instance, new sites and web sites look and read like never before owing to the incredibly clear and crisp retina display. The user can flip through videos, stories, as well as pictures and even interact with the news. For the first time, it is possible to feel as if you are reading a book when you read content on an electronic gadget.

Pages turn quickly or slowly – and one can see the page content when they are turned. iPhone 4S allows one to manage the media library pretty well. The iTunes app has a beautiful interface, which gives one a chance to choose music, organize the playlist, watch a video and much more.    

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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