Essays on Macro-Environmental Forces Impacting Environment of the Apple Company Case Study

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The paper "Macro-Environmental Forces Impacting Environment of the Apple Company" is a great example of a marketing case study.   The external factors in the Apple macro-environment show the value that the company can get on the various strategic options to be exploited by the company according to research by Forster et al (2016 pg. 23). Apple company has been realizing success in its ventures as a result of the keen scanning of the macro-environment in order to realize competitive advantage on its products such as iPhone 7 as argued by Rantanen (2016 pg.

26). In the Australian context, the company leading role in the market can be attributed to macro-environmental scanning through the PESTEL analysis. This paper will analyze the macro-environmental forces impacting the company's environment. The political environment. The most crucial political external factors in the Apple market environment provide performance opportunities to the company as articulated by Grant (2016 pg. 28). The political environment in Australia affecting the company's operations includes, improved free trade policies by the government and stable politics experienced in Australia. According to Grant (2016 pg. 34), Australia has over time created more free trade policies which have boosted the opportunity for the company to distribute more of its products to various markets in the country.

The policies on free trade according to Grant (2016 pg. 32) have opened the boundaries to accommodate the free flow of Apple products such as the iPhone7 to the local market. Furthermore, the stability of the political landscape in Australia has boosted the company's operations. According to Jain et al (2016 pg. 40), political stability has ensured communal peaceful co-existence and a stable market environment.

The country experiences peace and unity among the different communities which have encouraged the company to explore the local market. This has resulted in minimal political issues affecting the business and therefore an advantage for the company to improve its performance in the Australian local market.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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