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IPhone vs. BlackBerry Iphone and its Features Apple Incorporated is the company that produces multi-media and internet enabled phones that go by the brand name Iphone. The Iphone has several features that enable the user to accomplish a number of tasks conveniently without having to carry s several different devices (Honan 3). Some of the functions of Iphone include media player, text messaging, video camera, camera, and visual voicemail. Another valuable function that the phone has is the internet client which is bound to make the user access email and brows with 3G and Wi-Fi internet connections.

Apart from these important functions, the Iphone is designed such as to have a most friendly user interface important features in this respect being the touch screen, virtual keyboard. Iphone boasts of having the capability tom perform well over 300,000 applications according to its manufacturer. The phone is ideal for those who have a keen eye for social networking, advertising, entertainment, GPS navigation as well as those who are most interested in securing their data (Honan 3). As can be seen from its numerous features, it may be confidently stated that the iPhone is mainly targeted at consumers who desire to get entertainment on the move or store data and communicate.

The Iphone is targeted at different market segments chief of which include professionals, entrepreneurs, company executives, healthcare workers and students. In most countries, entrepreneurs, corporate workers and professionals make up the biggest market segment for the iPhone. In developed countries, students also occupy a relatively big percent of the market segment which is not the case in less developed countries going by the affordability of the phone in the two situations.

Healthcare workers in developed countries take up a medium portion of the market share, while in poor countries, this segment is virtually insignificant. BlackBerry and Its Features In the smartphone category, the iPhone faces a lot of competition including almost similar products from phones produced by companies such as Nokia and Research In Motion (RIM). One product that offers a steady challenge to the iphone is the BlackBerry mobile phone. Research In Motion is the company that produces BlackBerry mobile phones and related accessories.

The main product that is largely exposed to the market by RIM is the Blackberry Smartphone, known to be its area of specialization (Kao and Dante 5). Designed to perform functions that would traditionally be performed by a human personal assistant, the product features functions such as memopad, task list, calendar and address book. The phone also has a media player, video and camera functions, WiFi, and Internet push capabilities. Designed to use less power compared to manyb other phones with similar capabilities, Blackberry also has a wide array of messaging features.

Blackberry has revolutionized mobile emailing and internet, currently boasting about 15% of the smartphone global market. It boasts of being the fifth best mobile phone products, only slightly being beaten in position by apple. Blackberry is particularly targeted at entrepreneurs and professionals. Entrepreneurs occupy about 48% of the market share consisting of more than 60 million clients worldwide, indeed a large market share. The Blackberry smartphone is suitable for the business because it provides a powerful communication link while providing a number of features that are quite similar to the iPhone. Resources of Apple Incorporated and Research In Motion Like Apple Incorporated, Research In Motion boasts a strong workforce composed of experts in various fields.

It is indeed this workforce that has seen the two companies make for themselves names in the global market. Established in 1977 as Apple Computer Inc, the company has enjoyed a long successful history, its products being credited for quality and numerous successful brands. Research In Motion has featured for a shorter duration in the market having been incorporated in 1998. The company produces fewer brands compared to Apple inc mainly focusing on the production of wireless and telecommunication devises.

Best Market Segment Considering the growing need for mobile devices that can perform an unlimited number of functions among entrepreneurs and professionals, the iPhone is bound to remain in good business by having this segment as its point of focus. These segments are known to be in need of fast and reliable products that can withstand long use. These segments while seeking to maintain their costs low are known to be willing to sacrifice cost for high quality, high functionality and convenient products as opposed to other market segments.

Establishing a New Company With the current situation on the global market, competition has become the order of the day. There are various factors to consider before establishing a similar company including the market trend and the demand level of the product’s features as stated by Coombs (12). Many of these factors and indeed the situation of the market can be established by conducting market research. Before any potential entrepreneur decides to establish any business in the market, it is important to consider the demand level of that particular product to be supplied on the market.

This is basically considered in relation to the area or location of the business operation. The marketer should be able to tell the exact group of customers that the business targets thus helping in evaluation of the business market (Wessel 24). The second step after determining the market demand of the product is to determine the market opportunity. The market opportunity provides the reflection of the future business trend that aids in evaluating the amount of sales the company is likely to make out of a specified period of time with regard to the marketing plan.

The final stage to or factor to consider before establishing such a business is the market potentiality. The marker should be able to tell the future maximum amount of sales in a specified period of time. It is important because with that the entrepreneur can easily tell the trend in market demand thus adjusting either on the quality, prices, and services of the products supplied on the market.

When conducting a market research, the company will have to rely on publications concerning the business environment of the market and in particular that of the industry. A preliminary study may also be conducted which will set ground for the development of questionnaires that may be used for the main study of the market. Works Cited Allen Sarah, Vidal Graupera, & Lee Lundrin. Pro Smartphone Cross-Platform Development: Iphone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android Development and Distribution. New York: Apress 2010. Coombs, Rod. Technology and the Market Demand, Users and Innovation.

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